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All user reviews for the Fender Champ 25 SE

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 8 reviews )
 2 reviews25 %
 4 reviews50 %
 2 reviews25 %
Value For Money:Excellent
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iamqman's review"Specdial Edition"

Fender Champ 25 SE
Fender has made an amp that uses this new idea at the time to fuse digital and tube sections in one amp. This is one of those experiments that they decided to go with. It was a good one at the time and that should be commended.

Music Man amps did amps like this in the 80's and it was pretty successful. This amp is one of the amps that had a hybrid technology where you have a solid state preamp section and a power tube output section. This amp takes the tone of the vintage champ amps from Fender and adds a modern twist of tone shaping and features. You have a preamp tube for the phase inverter and then two power tubes.These were a step above the technology of that day and were extremely modern for their time.


Output 25 Watts
Rectifier Solid State
Preamp Solid State
Phase Inverter 7025 (?)
Power 2 x 6L6GC
Speakers/Load 1 x 12"/8 ohms
Effects Reverb, Channel Switching
Config Combo
Control Panel Black forward facing w/ white labels, controls numbered 1-10
Front Conrol Layout Normal: In, In, Treb, Mid, Bass, Mid Shift Sw - Drive: Vol, Gain, Treb, Bass, Contour - Master Vol, Reverb - Effect Out, Effect In - Line Out - Standby Sw, Power Sw
Rear Conrol Layout Fuse (1A)
Knobs Black round, unnumbered
Cabinet 17 1/2" x 20" x 11" (44.5 x 50.8 x 27.9 cm)
Cab Hardware Black Strap handle, plastic corner protectors, glides
Cab Covering Black Tolex
Grille Black grille cloth
Weight 38 1/2 lbs. (17.5 Kg)


I like the tone of most American made Fenders and though it is solid state in the preamp and the power amp tubes do cover up the harshness of the solid state tone. This compliments the nature of the amp quite well. The clean is very Fender sparkly and jangly.

I always like Fender amps with a good Fender Stratocaster or a Fender Telecaster. They just go perfect with one another. One thing that bugs me on this amp is the effects loop on the front panel. Any amp that does this like some Peavey's just bug me. Having multiple cables running in the front of the amp plus a mic if you are using it live just looks tacky.


Well you have to search the used market for one of these now a days. I have seen them on evilbay for about $200. Now a bad price for this type of amp. I like that these amps were still made in Southern California. These amps were such a departure of what Fender would normally do. It was a hit with some people who weren't Fender fan-boy's because those guys just want the classic style and tone. This would have appealed to the persona searching for something more or just something different to them.

I would recommend this to any one who needs a good practice amp and doesn't want to break the bank to buy it. I suggest trying it out first before buying because the voicing may not be your thing.

Morby's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Champ 25 SE
Hybrid combo with a transistor preamp and a tube power amp, 25W announced that actually (according to Pigale VHM) about power 17/18W finally ample.
An effects loop, reverb

2 jack:
- One that sends a snapping sound
- One that provides a more muffled sound
I can not tell you if it's a guitar or not active micro ...

On the clean channel: a "mid shift" less aggressive button down a bit high mids, with a softer sound

The line output on the rear does not mute the HP amp is not the case everywhere for what I said.


I have a strat, it fits perfectly with this amp in the clear, no need to fiddle with the knobs for 107 years until it sounds.

As against the overdrive channel is "totally crap", so I quickly bought a SansAmp GT2 after to compensate for this (big) low, hence my rating "6/10 right"


I am a huge fan of the clear sound I get with my Stat and this amp, pure Fender, hot and banging, perfect for blues or pop-rock, jazz pkoi not also (this is not my register indeed).


Bought new in 1993 when I started playing (without experience), I used it thoroughly for 5/6 years before then buy another combo bigger, more powerful, stereo, home made by a friend. But next transportability it became problematic. So I'm back to my old Fender lighter and compact.

2 entries Jack and the Send / Return to start messing around, I took him for review in VHM in Paris beginning in 2013 for a small check-up. In passing the 12AX7 was replaced by Electro-Harmonix and HP replaced with a Celestion Black Shadow had given me a friend. Result: I rediscovered my amp ... in much better!!!
The clean sound is even better than I remembered. More importantly, the overdrive channel has become exploitable! I'm not saying he is not insane, but he still sounds pretty while before it was shit.

THE BIG FAULT: Reverb has a nice sound but is placed after the preamp and BEFORE the send is super idiot I think!
Since the loop I have my SansAmp and a Nova System which integrates two preamps, I am forced to ignore the reverb from my amp (which ultimately is not a problem because I have super reverb on the Nova System)

Is what I would do the purchase?
- For my champ25 in its current state with the mods: yes without hesitation, I love it!
- For non champ25 origin, because there other amps "all-tube" that better sound origin, gender Peavy Classic 30.

sarbacanne_775's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good channel clear sound lacks bass, channel saturated very average"

Fender Champ 25 SE
Two 25w 6L6, 1 12AX7 + transistors.
Front left to right:
Two inputs, one input less bright.
Channel "NORMAL": clear sound with volume, bass, mid, treble, "mid shift"
Channel "DRIVE" with saturation volume, gain, contour, treble, bass, channel selector.
"MASTER": reverb, volume loundness acting as general
Effects Loop: Preamp Out, in PowerAMP
Headphone jack.
Power and Standby switches to protect the lamps during startup and shutdown.
Rear footswitch socket, line out output
Footswitch supplied with the amplifier


Easy to use, no manual, its easy to get clear


The channel is very clear sound correct. This very bright and slamming it easy to change settings on playing volume, loudness, treble, mid, bass are accurate.
The reverb is good.
We can either put the volume up and play the compressed audio loudness for a crunch and the reverse for a very clear and slamming.
However the bass is very low.
The sound channel is saturated (in my opinion) useless.


I bought this amp mainly for clear sound it provides.
Coupled with a strat, fender sound is there but mainly in the registry clean snap.
The connection is complete, the receiver. reliable, value for money is good.
Lack of bass sound unusable in its saturated its major flaws.

gaspar85's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" ugrader field 25 SE"

Fender Champ 25 SE
Lamps and transistors


Good sounds difficult to obtain


for good sound I use a SansAmp pedal plugged directly into the power amp with just the output of the loop.


this amp was bad for me with good distortion sounds clear but not very typical Fender "too neutral". Equipped with a Start I never found the sound of approaching my idols Hendrix SRV etc.. I first thought about selling it but it was a gift I ended up out of the closet and change it to get the sound I liked.
Step 1 change lamps, one ECC83 and two 6L6 GC Muller Electro harmonix.
Resulting in a true tube amp sound very round and warm, this was not the same amp.
Step 2 as I finally decided to optimize the maximum I exchanged the HP by a Jensen C12N "for its true Fender."
Now I am filled, the amp is powerful, it is much more power, ideal for playing in groups, precise and crunch from hell, to counsel for the Blues.
For all those who have tried it do not come back "me neither".
A tip for those who have this amp, the first thing that costs nothing is to set two pots at max volume and to manage the sound with the loudness knob which is only master c is from 5 that the sound is warmer and round, for the rest if you like me a good strat play with the volume of the guitar.

electracoustik's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Champ 25 SE
AX7 preamp in a (in my opinion for its clear) and transistors (in my opinion for the channel saturated) and 2 6L6 power.


The sound is very clear fender well also slammed the chattering can be dosed with the control is loudless Interestingly, a Mid shift button to change the deal, the equalization meets expectations short we can all play with a clear like this, from jazz to funk to ballads provided to turn the knobs.
For the saturated channel is very rough: background noise, pest, no dynamics are short of the transistor in it is even worse than a frontman 65w.
The reverb is good as it can become overwhelming on many fender tube if you put too many.


Munice you a tube screamer pedal or another and you'll love! If you do not buy too expensive (200euro) ca be somewhat interesting if not for 300 to 400 euro you can find better in any lamp OCCAZ.


I use it for 2 years with a blues driver the result was really good, worthy of the tube sound if not conpter too much on the overdrive channel. In short I replaced it with a Hot Rod Deluxe is much better (channel overdrive and a lot more serious!)
I forgot! The 25 w announced are largely sufficient for the bar or small concert!

Guizmosshart's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Champ 25 SE
To complete again

It is a half-amp lamps mid-transistor

3 lamps total


The adjustments are very simple, the loudness is just a push lamps ...

All settings are useful no problems at this level.


So here we are at a delicate point,

It was a super clear sound worthy of undeniable Fender
Terrible ...
Crunches are also very good

But when you push the gain we quickly realized that becomes limited
The bass do not send her enough was said before ...

I'd insisted that tube amp that is playing in a style of music rather precise alternative blues rock jazz and all that goes with

So if it is to send the disto a background like Nirvana and all that goes with it too the penalty ...
For me I agree with a distortion pedal kind of big muff but of course we used the amp is not for a distortion


The amp itself is kept for life,

It's a great amp versatile enough in the guitar

Sof the distortion is likely to disappoint

The amp is in exellent clean crunch (...)

elfeefoo's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Champ 25 SE
Just to complter Previous notice.


Note that it is super convenient!

For me it is a "small amp / big sound" with sound recycling.
Personally & Previous unlike the opinion, I put a guy in front of 57 and does not use the direct output.


He did a lot of recycled sound scne tjrs. I really like the sounds with my Start as well as my Rickenbacker 620.

It is true that the distortion is particulire. It may not be suitable. Personally, she has always done his office and sets on my registry renewal. A test dust so whether you like it.


My amp since 1996.

More than satisfied. I would do this choice.

There may be a day of trying to distortion pedals for me to diversify a little. But for now this is not NEWS.

loicm's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Champ 25 SE
Lamp (2 6L6, and a 12 AX7) and transistor.
25 w (attention is powerful as a marshall 8080 a transistor)
Two jack inputs
Both channels, reverb, master


Very simple configuration.
The tones are very effective (if we put a serious mid treble 0, there is no sound at all ...)
The clean sound is impeccable without even blowing a comfortable volume (ideal for playing at home)
The doc is not used much. (But it is very clear)
The reverb is not bad but shorter than a twin. I love bcp. Nothing to do with the old kind marshall 8080.
saturated sound is not great. It's crunch not bad but the bass distortion is a bit dirty. Gender Fender: I like it.
It's too dry and too fat for my taste but I never use it.
GX 700 preamp with my boss, I get everything I want. and the sound is very clean.
This amp does not really strong personality. everything can happen with a good preamp / multi.


It is powerful enough to repeat or small gigs but not enough for large rooms unless it is plugged into the sound system. The direct output is very clean for that.
I's now have a Twin and I no longer love this amp too, but he accompanied me for over 7 years of guitar ...
I would like to keep it because it's my first amp but I have no place (see my ad)
I also find that it does not have enough bass but my twin ca is a champion ...
Compared to nine new amps at 300 euros I think that Fender is much better. The electronics are solid and the knobs have not taken a breath in 7 years. It is very reliable. The lamps do not need to be changed too often because he spent only 25 w it.


It is a very good quality / price ratio.
On OCCAZ it's worth because it is a good fender 12 p HP and lamps give a very good clear sound.
It works great with appliances and also with keyboards.
For the price it's a great amp. It is beautiful and not too heavy. It is lugs around easily. (Not like the twin ;-)