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  • Ibanez AS100

    Ibanez AS100 - opa2134a's review


    Japanese-made guitar from 1980 (we'll look at this model is the first of the series) Mahogany end Type 60 frets velve touch, ebony fingerboard. ST Bridge Bridge (ABR1 deviation) Quick Change tailpiece. 2 Humbucker Super 70, 3-position selecto…

  • Ibanez AS93 [2007-2012]

    Ibanez AS93 [2007-2012] - chaps31's review


    See sheet manufacturer Ibanez. UTILIZATION Test store. The handle is comfortable to play, the strings were a little high for me but nothing that is not adjustable, but it skews my decision to run. For such a model is no problem of ergonomics, t…

  • Ibanez AS50

    Ibanez AS50 - Greig's review


    I will not repeat the basic features ... Mem year for mine: 82 but mine is special: I picked this guitar "rotting in a corner ..." it had been defaced: a router was dug to place a single microphone in the middle (yes, I know .... sacrilege). Fuc…

  • Ibanez AS50

    Ibanez AS50 - Davoche's review


    A Japanese 82 with an excellent finish. Micro double (in my case replaced by Tom Holmes by his former owner). Wooden handle. See descriptions below for more dtails. The only criticism one could make it, it is the quality of the knobs which I think is…

  • Ibanez AS50

    Ibanez AS50 - marcaster52's review


    Japanese manufacturing, this guitar is inspired by the Gibson ES 335, but the body dimensions are less than the "original", which earned him the nickname of Small Body.Ce model has been discontinued since 1983. Originally, two humbucker pickups Sup…

  • Ibanez AS80

    Ibanez AS80 - pyexperience's review


    /dropoff Window USE Channel excellent, very flat. She looks a little but when you play ca does not bother, it's very light. SOUNDS You have to play strong enough to effect, that it makes bizare sometimes because of the sound of the dru…

  • Ibanez AS93 [2007-2012]

    Ibanez AS93 [2007-2012] - Delmaphisab's review


    IA is a semi-pro guitar Holow Body type two Oues in "f" in the spirit of her older sister prestigious AS200. The MODEL is made in China according to a strict specifications provided by Ibanez Japan. Its handle possde 22 boxes with semi-jumbo frets,…

  • Ibanez AS50

    Ibanez AS50 - maxr974's review


    I have an IBANEZ ARTIST AS 50, 1982, purchased in 1982, Japanese-made. Despite his 25 years, it remains a superb scratch (so say those who saw it) 22 frets, super 59 pickups neck and bridge. QUICK easel ... sorry I did not know too much. 1 volume…