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Greig 04/03/2009

Ibanez AS50 : Greig's user review


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I will not repeat the basic features ... Mem year for mine: 82

but mine is special:
I picked this guitar "rotting in a corner ..." it had been defaced: a router was dug to place a single microphone in the middle (yes, I know .... sacrilege). Fucking for fucking, so I've been asked a microphone (apparently a fender from the lute ist ...), restored the circuit, a mini switch to activate the microphone in quesiton.

( )

The settings are the following: a micro volume, a general tone, a micro switch that allows rle micro station, so I have 8 sounds at my disposal, with all assays available ...

I do not know how to note, given the changes, however, the result is an extreme versatility then the rating would have rather good ... zOther part of the general features are very nice, reasonable size of the fund, aesthetics adorable (for those who like shift case), the handle is very comfortable, well described by others ...


I do not return on ergonomics which has been well described, I usually play on '59 LP sleeve, so larger and I'd much rather handle it if thinner, but not for '60 as it is wider . access to the treble is very good ... the guitar is not heavy.

EDIT 04/09: Caution on small scenes whether you are included and you use lots of gain (overdrive) ... It hangs easily, in my case it was serious ... ...


The weak point of this guitar: pickups, apparently they are not Paraffined .. I have the unfortunate tendency to push the overdrive far away (you might say: it is not made for it!) bin why not? and then, with the overdrive driven, AC whistles severe .... else aprt I found their sound medium high enough, I'll wait for something more spacious. I'm wondering what mics I'll be able to offer at least I'll paraffin micro ...
I ordered 2 Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro.
Apart from this problem, I found that I was looking for versatility, the middle pickup has the sound palette of the strata, exactly what I was looking for. Happiness wholesale crunch. I add that I play 70's rock power trio (cream, hendrix, gallagher ....)


I've had it a week, I love the round, the aesthetic, playing comfort, versatility and the particularity of mine, I love the sound (except hiss).
I like less the position of the switch, down, accustomed to having it reach the top ... habit has taken?

EDIT April 209: be careful if you play disto ... attachment security on small scenes whether you are included.