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  • Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017]

    Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017] - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by melody_maker/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - Made in China. - 22 frets; two humbuckers - Fix bridge, body-through strings - Volume and tone controls, 3-way toggle switch - Rather flat neck UTILIZATION - The n…

  • Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017]

    Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017] - "Ibanez GAX30"


    I've been playing for a few years now. I've mostly focused on my acoustic, but just started playing more on my Ibanez. I listen to just about everything. As far as my electric, I have been playing more metal, like Sepultura and System of a Down. …

  • Ibanez GAX75

    Ibanez GAX75 - "Ibanez GAX75"


    15 years as studio guitarist. $239 from guitar center. The best low priced guitar made. This guitar has the quality and features of an ax 5 times the price. Pickups suck, spend $150 ASAP. Toss the stock crap. 9 out of 10 I have owned guitars tha…

  • Ibanez GAX75

    Ibanez GAX75 - "Ibanez Gax 75"


    I have been playing for one year. I play, the first time in a rehersal, Black Sabbath- N.I.B. I pay $230. The sound. With EMG pickups. The neck. Solid body. Gteat sound. Very good guitar. First guitar I brought and I wont change it. This revie…

  • Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017]

    Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017] - "Ibanez GAX30"


    I've ben playing since last christmas, mainly into Rock and Blues music, but I drift into Jazz Fusion, Metal and Funk. I play anything I think sounds good. I bought the guitar in Musician Inc. in Dublin for the small sum of €209. It was my first gu…

  • Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017]

    Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017] - "Ibanez GAX 30"


    Bought online from Musical Instrument Warehouse in the UK. Paid £89.99, which may have been a sale price. Good sound, nice to play. The finish is fantastic. Before I received the guitar I was worried about the appearance because I'd only ever see…

  • Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017]

    Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017] - "Ibanez Gax30"


    I got this Ibanez for Christmas at Lentines Music Store at Ohio in Montrose.I got it because its what alot of people reccomend. The original price is 219.00 but it was on discount for 179.99.If you find a place that has a better price then show them…

  • Ibanez GAX70

    Ibanez GAX70 - "Ibanez GAX 70"


    Hi there ! I bought this Ibanez here in Mexico City , I saw this model in the webpage of Ibanez , i went to try it & this is what i really wanted , an affordable guitar with clean sound ,paying like 300 USD for it . Its ligther than other Ibanez gui…

  • Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017]

    Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017] - "Ibanez GAX-30"


    I recieved this guitar as a christmas present. It was purchased at Music Unlimited, a guitar shop in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The price was 178.00. I like the fast neck and the humbuckers. Mine also has a transparent red finish that looks very nice. It ha…

  • Ibanez GAX70

    Ibanez GAX70 - "Ibanez GAX70"


    I acquired this unit after I had been playing acoustic for about a year, and decided to go electric. I was looking for something decent that had an amazing sound, and I knew Ibanez was a trustworthy brand. I purchased it at Guitar Center for a sale…