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Ibanez Blazer user reviews

  • Ibanez Blazer 21

    Ibanez Blazer 21 - "Best non-Strat Strat there is for under a grand."


    Made in Japan Strat-style guitar with different cosmetic stylings Alder or Ash body Maple neck 21 frets 3 single coil pickups with no visible pole pieces Knife-edge and fulcrum based vintage-style tremolo system 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 5 way switc…

  • Ibanez Blazer

    Ibanez Blazer - "Ibanez Blazer"


    I got this guitar from a friend of mine who owns a pawn shop. Someone had sanded it down to the bare wood and varnished it with a brush. After playing it for a few minutes, I realized it was a diamond in the rough. After paying $50 (including a great…

  • Ibanez BL-700

    Ibanez BL-700 - "Rock Powahhhhhh!"


    So for specs: see the reviews below! Basically it is a precision bass (21 frets, micro simplebobinage split ...) made in japan, made by Ibanez. Mine of June 1981 to be precise. Manufacturing in the great tradition of the jap time: superb violin, wo…

  • Ibanez Blazer 21

    Ibanez Blazer 21 - clyde_b's review


    Ibanez Blazer repeat of the 80s (which I also own). Strat type guitar, equipped with HSS. 5 position selector. Lutherie impeccable as often in Ibanez guitars. UTILIZATION Handle very pleasant for me. Easy access to acute. SOUNDS Sound…

  • Ibanez BL-700

    Ibanez BL-700 - Ninspade's review


    Channel 21 boxes, micro PB, volume, tone, chrome hardware buttons but golden knobs. Dark wood finish (it is said that?) I turned the bridge early on that I liked using the benefit of a Schaller. I only played this bass for 10 years before buying …

  • Ibanez BL-700

    Ibanez BL-700 - mightymess's review


    The body is ash wood (wood ash) The handle 34 "a pice maple and maple in touch Super Micro P4 1 volume and 1 tone The finish on mine is color against low-TV (TRADITIONAL VIOLIN MATT) The fittings are chrome UTILIZATION Mine has a great …

  • Ibanez Blazer Custom Made

    Ibanez Blazer Custom Made - stratouilleur's review


    Ibanez blazer series: that is what is written on the head of the handle. I do not know what is the exact type for cons. Body solid wood and quite heavy Start style maple neck 2 humbuckers Made in Japan Finish: varnished wood, very basic A…

  • Ibanez Blazer Custom Made

    Ibanez Blazer Custom Made - lgdas's review


    Mid-range guitar, buy OCCAZ in 84 ... manufactures in Japan in 81. Channel Saddle fawn Start ', vintage fender type bridge, the gilding do not. Basswood body seems he dyed brown for mine (yuck), black plate. A humbucker (bridge), 2 singles (mid…

  • Ibanez Blazer Custom Made

    Ibanez Blazer Custom Made - clyde_b's review


    Has my guitar made in Japan in 1982. I purchase 250. It possde three microphones, one humbucker format simple (micro center). There are two rglages (Volume / Tone), a slecteur five positions, a phase switch (for double) and a "switch tapped" (I do no…