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All user reviews for the Shure E4c

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
 3 reviews100 %
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Nass''s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Shure E4c
Since I bought this gem, my cd fill me! The Shure e4 c-use technology-ear, in other words, the headphones must be driven into the canal in the same drive that Manir performing artists, providing excellent insulation sound that MODEL has two speakers that provide a large reproduction of frquences ... And your exact is just monstrous, I redcouvre my recordings! Than your cost of classical music o rap, everything is magnificent! The mdiums and bass (finally REAL low!) Are the major strengths of this headphone (the highs are amazing too!) That provide warmth and prsence sound, I'm so bluff by ism and the Fidler EXAGRES it is not to say that this product without competition problem headphones hi-fi high-end traditional. The quality and choice of frabication maniac matrial reinforce my ide that I have here an exceptional product.
Quick Tips: To reach the "nirvana", we must take time to choose their ends that need to isolate compltement the outside world (no need to force!) And make this choice WITHOUT MUSIC because at least we are not disturbed!
Do not hesitate one moment to the ends DIFFERENT for each ear, right ear canal is often diffrent the left channel and vice versa. Encoding and treat mainly because with this style of hardware, the slightest imperfection sound is paid cash

Only inconvnient: These are ITE! So a lot of mlomanes will not support the IDE to have a device that fits in the ear carrment, but hey when inversti over 200 in a product, it is well known that the we do!
I do not regret my purchase at all, I find that even this headphone has a report qualitprix enviable view of its breathtaking performance ..

T!bo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Shure E4c
Trs satisfied ....

The overall definition headphones are perfect, the stro fully respected. The acute and mdium are perfectly pure that even allows the DCEL legris reverbs places of registration, a rgal.
Watch out for big bass fans, because even if they are well Submitted Dfine, I was surprised to saturate these gems ... and it feels weird! But that's still exceptional trs = 1 cd over 500!
Overall it is true that we fully redcouvre records. Even with my first cd cost of a sythme Marantz, JMlab speakers or headphones Sennheiser HD 265 closed. So these are powerful headphones trs (fortunately for the price!)

For the diversity of the tips, I think this falls under the business case basis, although I confess to being glad I finally within that fit perfectly! Please note the use of frquante gray tips, they have the unfortunate tendency to remain in the ear! Appointment with the ENT to remove a measure of security (I pay nothing phew!) While with translucent, I no problem even if the adjustment period is longer (3 days for gray, translucent for 1 week).

Isolation level is a dream! I used back in my personal concert (drums) and is a rgal. Same when it comes to the mix, it works much better as it is with double poisoned: plug insulator (juqu'a 32 dB) and Earphone rendering!
But it is also the problem, you do not hear those around you! Ok, I'm not complaining! but hey!

My final rating will be 9, perfect except BMOL below the low (I sweat again, the shots when a flip Earphone saturate a 299! We believe this is the end!) And isolation perhaps a little too strong. But this is simply out of the ordinary headphones!

Vj Gizmo08/16/2005

Vj Gizmo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Shure E4c
They are ear-ear, my very first I find it really Excellent and quite comfortable. (Especially since I just receive them and that I had read many opinions on the fact that it was accustomed sy). The sound quality is really very good with bass and deep herein. Meduims of acute and well analysis. (I rediscovered my music.)
C is the only that I've tried so I do but that 9 / 10 I can not compare.
In any case I would buy without hesitation. Almost as good that a high-end Hi-Fi headphones with the advantage of a Certainties comfort and discretion in mobility. (I do not support headphone open and close very long time so for me c is really a very good alternative).