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Shure In-ear and ear-pads monitors user reviews

  • Shure SE535

    Shure SE535 - "Comfortable"


    The Shure SE535 V are a pair of isolating earphones that come with a soft zip up case. You can actually purchase these in ear head phones in a few different colors. The SE535 V are very expensive, I wouldn’t think that in ear headphones could be thi…

  • Shure SE315

    Shure SE315 - "Pricey, yet Durable Intro to the world of In-Ear Monitors"


    I'm a professional guitar and backline technician. My main job on tour is to keep two guitarists and one bass player happy about their gear, and sounding as good as possible. My job is 98% preparation, and 2% execution. However, the execution is the …

  • Shure SE215

    Shure SE215 - "in ear monitors"


    I am usually not a big fan of in ear monitors but I was in need of a pair for a single situation that I was in on the road so I decided to just purchase these from a locals music store that I have never heard of . The guy that worked there told me th…

  • Shure E5

    Shure E5 - "Very nice earbuds"


    I love the sound these put out....It's full and clean....No distortion or interference...They mold very nicely to your ear and stay put through any performance...Sure, it takes a bit to figure out which pieces to use for your own ears - Once you find…

  • Shure SE215

    Shure SE215 - "Shure created some great in ear phones"


    The Shure SE 215 in ear headphones will sit right in your ear very comfortably and give you a great musical experience. I love these, I am usually not a fan of “in ear” headphones because they just aren’t very comfortable to me and they usual sound l…

  • Shure SE215

    Shure SE215 - "cheap but nice sounding"


    There is so much to like about these in-ear phones . I listen to a wide variety of music but I'm more critical of the reproduction when I am listening to classical and jazz because it gives the head phones a hard time The SE215s manage to avoid t…

  • Shure SE110

    Shure SE110 - moosers's review


    The Shure SE 110 are a set of in ear headphones designed for personal use but to me sound good enough to use for monitoring during recording as well.  I've only used these headphones for listening to music from my iPod, and for this they definitely d…

Translated user reviews
  • Shure SE215

    Shure SE215 - " Pleasantly surprised"


    hehe just three days I tested a lot of low-end headphones and monitor headphones. They do not have as much bass as my DT770 but it's fine for a price 50% lower, urban use and a smaller footprint. The quality / price is very good nine to 73 € s…

  • Shure SE535

    Shure SE535 - " Top notch!"


    I previously had a ep2 t.bone and SE215 shure. The t.bone is uncomfortable and the lack of serious SE215. If the SE535 is well above these two models, unfortunately the price is irrelevant ... It is on this point that I only have one criticism…

  • Shure SE215

    Shure SE215 - " Very well again!"


    Used for a few weeks, this is a excelent product with a small preamp has the belt. Paufinez balance on your console and it's great to repeat! Used primarily replicates. It takes very very good in the ear with his pre cordon that goes around perf…