Shure SE215
Shure SE215
yoTrakkz 10/11/2011

Shure SE215 : yoTrakkz's user review

« cheap but nice sounding »

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There is so much to like about these in-ear phones . I listen to a wide variety of music but I'm more critical of the reproduction when I am listening to classical and jazz because it gives the head phones a hard time

The SE215s manage to avoid the vices of cheap sound reproduction; uncomfortable treble, flat sounding and rolled off or exaggerated bass without being bland. The phones are pretty much neutral but they have a way of letting you get into the music without constantly noticing them. They are involving and comfortable to listen to for long periods of time which is something most people who have used the standard or low end earphones may not relate to. Let's put it this way. If you have tried the standard iPod phones, and who hasn't, then migrated to a $40 - $50 pair you're going to breathe a sigh of relief because you can actually listen to the music. With these it goes about 3 steps farther because you WANT to listen to music. It becomes fun not just a background filler. The sound isn't just better by miles it's more involving and you wind up looking for things to listen to and there's this annoying desire to let other people hear what they are missing. They are very very good

I really wasn't expecting a $99.00 pair of earphones to have superb sound but the sound quality of the SE215's really impressed me. They come VERY close to my $250.00 dual driver earphones of another maker. They do take a bit of finesse to find that 'sweet spot' in my ears but once I picked the correct size tip and found the right spot, the frequency range was excellent. Smooth response from low-end (not overly punchy or distorted) all the way to the high-end (not harsh). Very comfortable plus they sit flush with my head, unlike my other in-ears. For the price, I would highly recommend them!