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davidghetto 04/01/2005

Shure E3c : davidghetto's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I use the E3c for a week, so it's still recent trs. However, I am fairly excited about this product that I have to say gives me a good dj pleasure: watching a movie on the plane ... without the noise of the plane! It comes with foam rubber and bits of all sizes for perfect insulation, but what I want to clarify here is that the E3c is compatible with the Optura types pianissimo (silicone molded ear) ds and when they are it brings great comfort.
I have yet to mix with ssay (I'm dj) but will not be long.
Anyway this little wonder has great qualities and I think that the report / quality price is right.
It's solid, there's the small box for storage and transport, there's a record (read!).
Importantly: ALWAYS turn the volume down to zero before connecting. This is something that makes me afraid to forget ...

suite of applications on the shutters Pianissimo is my rponse:
in fact we talk about dj on AudioFanzine

Pianissimo is shutters is thermo-molded (silicone) on your ear, so trs tench and just for you and you can put a filter-8dB,-15dB or-25dB,-15dB the being the most linear and powerful enough for comfort up to 100 db, I recommend the above-25db (I use) but they cut the treble a bit so that I push the mids tjs / acute when I play (that is not well :-)
you to see your usage. has cost 150 when the same pair but it is an investment in the long run if you are often in noisy places (me disco! hell!)

to return to the E3c, simply remove the filter (be careful not to lose, it's small) and introducing the tip of the E3c in the silicone mold and your headphone is a part of you -same :-)
trs is enjoyable (well when we got used to the shutters, I was 2 years but ears are made, not aa t tjs the case, at first can be difficult especially if they are ill mold, sometimes)
it is really isolated from the outside and the sound is clear, it is not clear and stunned like a Walkman headset.

Pianissimo shutters are in Audika, or center of hearing, or optician Agree hearing. (The + simple) - y 'is everywhere.

was used on all occasions and coupled with the E3c's really IDAL to listen to music like no one has ever been able to do fawn on the go.