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JBL EON 300 user reviews

  • JBL EON 315

    JBL EON 315 - "JBL EON"


    These speakers has a problem with there Main boards/ amp, I have blown two of them at low volume, can not buy the boards as discontinued !!!!! Rubbish/ land fill !!!, What a waste of money, I own JBL PRX 600 and have had no problems for 7 years, grea…

  • JBL EON 305

    JBL EON 305 - "Not a huge fan of the bass but everything else was good."


    The JBL EON305 is a 2 way passive speaker that is very portable. The price is ok, but maybe it is just a little overpriced compared to some of the other JBL speakers that have come out around the same time this one did. This speaker will give you a p…

  • JBL EON 315

    JBL EON 315 - "very light speakers/ portable"


    After a year of comparing dozens of PA speakers, both active and passive, it came down to the JBL EON 315s for me. The Mackie SRM450v2 was a close competitor but, given the EONs better price, better low end response, lighter weight, and better brand …

  • JBL EON 315

    JBL EON 315 - " Reliable, lightweight and solid value"


    I use a pair of eon 315 for almost two years, for streaming music, talk in small and medium rooms (approx. 100/150 people). The sound is a bit like painting, personal opinion, for me this speaker is very versatile, I use Flat mode, and I equalize …

  • JBL EON 315

    JBL EON 315 - DJ Arty's review


    I've had two weeks and the sound is boosted too much deaf, I direct reference Thomann to go to good RCF ART 310 A.. JBL was good it is no longer at all .. …