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Jensen Audio & music gear user reviews

  • Jensen C12K-8

    Jensen C12K-8 - "A fantastic speaker"


    I recently have been doing some work on a Marshall combo I owned for years that has seen better days. I recently have replaced the speaker with this Jensen C12K. This actually came to my attention previously, with a Fender Twin amp. The cool thing ab…

Translated user reviews
  • Jensen JCH 12/70 Chicago

    Jensen JCH 12/70 Chicago - " Very nice"


    Bought new € 23 to version 16 ohms Very nice sound a little kind of Celestion Vintage 30 I wanted to change my Hp Kustom Defender 1x12 speaker cabinet to see results more midrange sound and less severe overflowing, the original Hp is very corre…

  • Jensen Jet Tornado 12" Speaker

    Jensen Jet Tornado 12" Speaker - " excellent"


    Then I finally decided to write a comment about this wonderful hp: I have not tried a lot of hp before but it is of remarkable accuracy is very good partout.Avant break it was a fairly straight sound, but little by little a force play he revealed …

  • Jensen Jet Tornado 12" Speaker

    Jensen Jet Tornado 12" Speaker - " Panacea + + + + + + +"


    I use it about six months in a cab Tube Town Rex 212 pro forma and have nothing but good things to say. As incredible as it may seem, this speaker sounds great, without reservation, in all musical styles, with different amps and all my guitars, th…

  • Jensen JCH 10/35

    Jensen JCH 10/35 - " Very mixed ..."


    It's been a year and a half, I installed 10 inches in several combos with the same result and stuck weird, cold and acute kss kss, plucked bass mediums. I put two in a combo all tube 210 with the same disastrous results especially on distos unbeara…

  • Jensen MOD 8

    Jensen MOD 8 - " Why did I wait?"


    It is the model 35 watts jch 8/35 or mod 8/35. I just want to mount it instead of my super8 celestion kustom 12A a little too "mushy" for my taste with a lower midrange really too intrusive. I ordered it after studying the characteristic of bowls…

  • Jensen P10R

    Jensen P10R - " Crap"


    Y were four in my late bassman, and with hindsight and full testing I realize my deep disgust responsible for this amp yet holds up. The bassman reissue got a good reputation in its early drafts mounted eminence (hot and creamy hp, very rock), and …

  • Jensen C10R

    Jensen C10R - " For Clean Fender and nothing else."


    I use from time to time that HP for three years. I begin to have tried a lot of HP 12 inches just under 10 inches. Which is nevertheless a format that I find appealing. I bought it secondhand HP to see what it looked like. Performance and proper it i…

  • Jensen C12K-8

    Jensen C12K-8 - " I love it."


    Already the owner of a C12Q the price / quality ratio just incredible, I took advantage of a good opportunity to acquire a big brother named C12K Ceramic Vintage. Superior performance (99.1 against 93.9 dB) and power handling of 100W (35W for C12Q)…

  • Jensen C12N

    Jensen C12N - " I love it."


    Dj owner of a C12Q the report qualitprix I just unheard advantage of a good opportunity for acqurir big brother baptized C12N Ceramic Vintage. His Superior performance (98.4 against 93.9 DB) and power handling of 50W (35W for C12Q) for the technica…