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Kawai Concert Artist user reviews

  • Kawai CA65

    Kawai CA65 - " Very good"


    Tried in FRANCE PIANOS, I have to preferé CLP480 because touch great, but not worth qur for pianos, other sounds are worse UTILIZATION yes, feel the best market SOUNDS very well OVERALL OPINION very well …

  • Kawai CA63

    Kawai CA63 - " Go there it's good."


    Little advice on Kawai finally on this site, so I'm starting. UTILIZATION This is a digital piano but the keys mimic well the touch of a real piano. For those who used to play on acoustic pianos, so no surprise. Essential to study functions are…

  • Kawai CA13

    Kawai CA13 - " Excellent piano with one exception ..."


    In my case I bought for "play the piano", so I was not looking for lots of functions. This is a piano that I highly recommend to beginners and experienced pianists who want a digital piano is as close as most of the acoustics. The keys are made of wo…

  • Kawai CA770

    Kawai CA770 - Les_Portes's review


    88 notes, Touch Wood, 24 Bran, 64-note polyphony and adjustable touch possible. 5 different reverb, Rotary 2, 3 Delay, Tremolo 1. Recorder: 5000 x2 notes, métrome Function Concert Magic: the piano plays music even if you do anything (to impress…

  • Kawai CA5

    Kawai CA5 - dunamai's review


    Digital piano keyboard with 88 keys. Level connectivity was an entry in the CAR, an output jack and a MIDI input and output. There are lots of sounds: pianos, electric pianos, strings, organs, pads and various other sounds a little space ... So…

  • Kawai CA5

    Kawai CA5 - anonyme's review


    Piano keyboard with 88 keys made of wood and the most advanced mechanical all brands if I believe the descriptions I read. Connection MIDI, USB (cable not included of course). We can register, not on 10 tracks, but more accurately as shown on t…

  • Kawai CA5

    Kawai CA5 - foguy_lucky's review


    In order to play the piano, he has what it takes. Level connections, it has everything I needed, line out, MIDI ... UTILIZATION Touch is a huge asset for me. Touches of wood and Hammer, no spring ... no equivalent in other brands even more exp…

  • Kawai CA5

    Kawai CA5 - th0rgal's review


    I just rent one has to practice all the time (especially at night). For specs, refer to manufacturers specifications: http://www.kawai.de/ca5_en.htm (English) My opinion on the functions rather standard, the recording function is useful. It …

  • Kawai CA7

    Kawai CA7 - seumon's review


    88 keys blah blah blah ... see following notice Connections: I use it sometimes in master keyboard to control <span class="skimwords-unlinked"><span class="skimwords-unlinked">Mr.Ray</span></span> (emulation of Rhodes), and frankly, it's not bad I…

  • Kawai CA7

    Kawai CA7 - benuno's review


    88 keys 96 note polyphony 60 Sons .. good piano samples .. Ditables reverb effects and the virtual technician Connectors: 2 headphone jacks, line in, line out, MIDI (IN, OUT, THROUGH), USB 3 pedals, the pedals of touffoirs not just on / off! …