Kawai user reviews

  • Kawai KG2E

    Kawai KG2E - "Very stable, well made" has images


    My Kawai KG3E was made in 1990. I traded in my Kawai KG1E for this piano along with a cash differential to move from a 5' 4" instrument to a 6' 1" instrument. First, I live in a large city and visited many new and used piano dealers in the area and s…

  • Kawai VPC 1

    Kawai VPC 1 - "VPC1 is an excellent choice for MIDI only Piano simulation, not general midi keyboard use "


    I use the VPC1 exclusively with Pianoteq, running on an ordinary laptop, with an M-Audio interface and 2 KRK Rokit 6" powered speakers. I use USB only, no power to the keyboard, although it does come with an external power supply. This keyboard h…

  • Kawai MP7

    Kawai MP7 - "Kawai mp7 underrated"


    If you look on the web you will find many reviews with technical info so i wont be adding to those. I will say that as a pro piano player owning a few top end stage pianos that the MP7 is underrated in my view, prehaps it is due to the extreemly rea…

  • Kawai RV-4

    Kawai RV-4 - "It's little known - and that is a pity"


    Kawai’s RV4 is an electronic hardware reverb featuring 8 in/out channels (4 stereo, with jack & AES/EBU type 2 connectors) with MIDI in/out. 50 good, 1980s-type presets and a lot of parameters can be edited. Until there, it’s just a good small rever…

  • Kawai MP8

    Kawai MP8 - "Great feel and sound"


    full keyboard weighted keys UTILIZATION The manual is clear, but the setup is not easy to get right. SOUNDS The sound is fantastic. I usually use the grand piano only. I like it and always get positive feedback after a performanc. OVERALL OPI…

  • Kawai MP6

    Kawai MP6 - "Very good sounds and keys but the price.."


    I have used the Kawai MP 6 many times, it is an 88 key digital piano loaded with 256 sounds. One thing I will say about it is, if you are looking for a stage piano or a good piano for your home then this might not be for you. They really didn’t put m…

  • Kawai X30

    Kawai X30 - "q"


    This is a 61 keys (5 octaves) keyboard embedding 100 sounds (16 bit PCM) and 50 styles. Its feature include - a one track sequencer with very limited memory - a stereo chorus effect which does not sound so bad - an auto-accompaniement section wit…

  • Kawai 100F

    Kawai 100F - "A good affordable vintage synth"


    The Kawai 100F is a vintage Synthesizer that is a very small piece of vintage gear, I think it only has 32 keys on it and doesn’t weigh much at all so it can be packed up and taken with you if you need to move it around. It is also a well built synth…

  • Kawai KG-3C

    Kawai KG-3C - ericthegreat's review


    The Kawai KG-3c is a great grand piano, I used it while in college it has a beautiful sound and is built very well. Ours was a reconditioned piano. Before we had it , it was a conservatory used intensively and it was restored for the purpose of res…

  • Kawai KG-3C

    Kawai KG-3C - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by U-many-t/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I've been using this baby grand piano for 11 years! The sound is excellent (not as metallic as a Yamaha). I haven't played other baby grands long enough to give you an objec…