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zill 01/20/2006

Kawai EP 608 : zill's user review


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In sputnik family I am the piano.

It is true that seems to come from space this machine, in fact it is an electroacoustic piano Kawai Aralis to give the famous replica Yamaha CP70 and 80. This is the ultimate travel piano, alone removing her feet you fold the keyboard and then it is ready to go on its casters, it's up to you that the push up has the car or he comes very easily in a car with the kind ZX baiss seats !!
Apartment with headphones you'll have the joy of being able to play without 2am to benefit the neighborhood. It is conut like a real piano, the frame is a little smaller, the keys are made of wood but mcaniques are made of plastic pieces rsine making the piano lightest and least sensitive to moisture. The game and feel similar classical piano, it is very "sweet".
Prvú to the stage it has only one string per note to "facilitate" tuning. In sound, it has a small impact at the mdium registry, it sounds like a dulcimer, which gives it a special stamp, obviously it will be impossible to make it sound "honky-tonk piano" except adding back a chorus vibrato exagr-))
The sound is capt by a triple piezo pickup along the frame over which all the strings, like a electro guitar. There are 3 buttons to select and combine desires stamps. There is a pan-vibrato with adjustable speed and depth which explains the stro outputs of the instrument.
For fans of "simple minds" with a chorus lightweight and beautiful reverb he has his "alive and kicking", for others it is a very original instrument that has its personalities but alas that is very scarce