Prodatlantis 10/16/2005

Kawai MP8 : Prodatlantis's user review


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-88 Notes
-beaucoups sounds and all triturables
-connectique complte (noon, USB, jack output (L / R), XLR output (L / R) on stage very apprciable becaufe more DI box, pedal expression, sustain and una corda ...


-keyboard of excellent quality I am a pianist, so I used to play on real wooden keys with weight and all the feelings that go with it ... I have not tried his "rival" The Roland 700SX, which must also be a sacred beast race, because for me most was this wooden mechanical.
-two Mollettes bend and vibrato for lovers of the electric band or Joe Zawinul ...
-The Configuration is quite simple, if we take the time to explore the possibilities of mp8 for effects and soundboard simulations for piano sounds, which are also very well conus.
-For What MIDI is very convenient, 4 zones with the volume knobs (for internal or external sounds), so it's convenient as I did noticed prcdemment.
clear manual (but in English ...)


The sounds and effects are well conus, piano sounds trsralistes the Rhodes also in terms of other sounds I do not use them, but are generally good (there was also a good drum set ...)
Off topic:
But in reality I use it as master keyboard, I have a asus barebone Pentium 4 3.2 giga 1 mb of ram, a notch shuttle 17 "was all in a rack, and I ' uses software bsendorfer 290 and EP-2 lounge lizard, for sound bsendorfer I refer you to mp3 "Images" by Claude Debussy Jazzphoton post:
in terms of the answer key, it is more than excellent, we can rgler eg vlocit on its own touch: a note is played pianissimo and fortissimo and dynamic curve caliber on our touch (basically if you play two notes on mezzo piano will be no dynamic or very little but if well dlimite the extreme dynamic curve will trsraliste)


-I have since last Friday so three days (it is arrived by boat), I did two concerts with salsa and I worked on it alot.
-I must say it is all the same quite heavy (32kg), and more with the flight case, which moreover is custom made, solid or with handles and wheels must (!! ) not to underestimate is handy. But the B3 or Adi rhodes are they not long ago the pianists burdens (or organ)? But it is very transportable all the same.

As I cry at the beginning, as a pianist, this wooden keyboard and sound Bsendorfer make me a wonderful pianist (to her piano transportation in R5) combl. I even fix a very solid tissues (blue) to the screws on the panel to hide the buttons to have the feeling of an acoustic piano. I think this is the Roland 700 sx the most expensive keyboard market but the price is largely justified (around 2200) saw the quality of the instrument. I hopes to keep very long time this little jewelry (yes I know I have to do to lodges products in the comments but sincerely think), when seeking the realism and comfort on stage (or at home for that matter), the conus mp8 is for, and I do it again this choice without hsiter. Finally rsumer for me it's a nice fellow.