Kawai MP7
Kawai MP7

MP7, Digital Piano from Kawai.

batdan2 06/03/2014

Kawai MP7 : batdan2's user review

«  It is digital ??? »

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--dropoff Window


--dropoff Window


Close your eyes ... you play on a Kawai grand piano with beautiful reverb.

Everything is there, the little nuances, sustain pedal noises.
Even when the key is released slowly ... no noise, faster means the hammer into place. And all these tricks do not sound gadget and do not pollute your game.

A great keyboard that I do not regret having purchased pre-order.


The Roland, Korg and other Yam made me dream ... although these brands have great qualities, I think they cautioned under the foot to be able to simulate the changes they are already able to produce.

On this keyboard, we feel that the Kawai brand really does what it did best and I hope that others will take the seed. For a sound little to 3GB, it will be crazy. What we want is to put the headphone on, play and enjoy the game.