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  • Kel Audio Design HM-2d

    Kel Audio Design HM-2d - mooseherman's review


    This is a large diaphragm condenser microphone. Thus, it's definitely something for use in the studio and not live. OVERALL OPINION This microphone is notable mainly for its differences to other condenser mics. Some of the cheaper ones tend to pic…

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  • Kel Audio Design HM-1

    Kel Audio Design HM-1 - pierhomme's review


    Micro Static Transistor Membrane technology, small (0.5 ") The microphone is more oriented voice and acoustic instrument. Due to low dimensions capsule, it is linear. OVERALL OPINION I for 1 month. For once, I Kel Canada Book in less than t…

  • Kel Audio Design HM-2d

    Kel Audio Design HM-2d - pierhomme's review


    Micro fate in the metal. Much about the amps guitars on the song plutt pushed. This is prcis by Kel. So I jump on it since I see more of Mesa and 5051 as microphones in front of my Fenders. Condenser microphone capsule for 1, 5. "So not a small c…