Peavey KB300
Peavey KB300

KB300, Keyboard Amplifier from Peavey in the KB series.

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All user reviews for the Peavey KB300

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 8 reviews )
 2 reviews25 %
 3 reviews38 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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blancjs's review"Indestructible amp!!"

Peavey KB300
150W solid-state amp with three inputs.


3 independent channels, including one with mic input. The latter is of no use, except as a temporary solution when you don't have a mixer around!
The manual...What manual? There's no need for one.


I have lugged it around with me for rehearsals and gigs (as a keyboard monitor) and it doesn't even cough. It's electronically infallible and the housing is indestructible. The speaker it just like the first day.

I've used it 20 years for keyboards and vocals during rehearsals. You plug in, turn it on and it just sounds!! Super powerful (even too much) for a typical rehearsal room.

My only criticism is its weight, darn!!

davvid's review"Best bang for your buck"

Peavey KB300
3 channels, 15 inches...It's originally a keyboard amp, I think!


I have used it a lot for vocals during rehearsals...Then vocals and bass, it's awesome for bass (15"). And currently I use it mostly for guitar with a Boss disto ds1 pedal and it really rocks! And I've had different amps!
I think this is a true all-purpose amp, and a sturdy one, too!


It must be 15 years since I have it and I haven't had a single issue, even though I've abused it quite a bit!

Taigong's review

Peavey KB300
Solid-state amp
3 inputs: 1 XLR / 2 jack

Settings: 3-band equalizer / reverb / gain

15" speaker + Tweeter


Easy and intuitive. The gain knobs are rather sensitive and you can go from not hearing anything to an explosion of sound.

The performance of the amp is satisfying and the EQ allows you to fine tune the sound and get what you are looking for.


Super sturdy and relentless, despite being abused. The performance in the lows is good, which results in a very round sound.

Nevertheless, it's better suited for keyboards rather than bass guitars.

A very good deal if you want to have a powerful, sturdy and cheap amp.

sxlighting's review

Peavey KB300
3 inputs, volume + gain controls, low, mid, high and reverb for each input. Master volume and reverb. The kb300 is powerful.


It is easy to use, the sound is good and the lows can be very powerful. I've never read the entire manual (because I've never had the need).


I've used it for 2 years, but it is already 24 years old and still functional. I have nothing bad to say about it, except for its weight (77lbs). It's my first amp and it's a pity that it isn't manufactured anymore, because I would buy another one. Very good value for money.

ang3lou's review

Peavey KB300
Nothing to add about the features.


It couldn't be easier to dial in!! A real delight


After 10 years of use, I had to write a review here.
It's an IMPLACABLE amp!!! It has never broken down, it is very, very sturdy and truly VERY versatile.
It's a keyboard amp, but it can be used for anything!!
At first I used it to amplify two acoustic guitars and my vocals (it has 3 inputs!) for rehearsals and gigs, and it performed great.
I then used it several years as a PA system for vocals during rehearsals and now I use it as a bass amp and, to be honest, it sounds awesome!!
I am very happy with it, it's my oldest amp and I do not intend to part with it.
In short, this amp is truly extraordinary!!!

potar79's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey KB300
3-way micro-lines.
By: Gain (micro-switch line), qualiseur 3 band per channel, reverb rglage
To enter impdance microphone, just pull the gain knob of the track.
As against the entries are just jack

Rglage a master reverb and master volume

Hp 38cm + 2 piezo tweeter

line output, output module between amp and reverb switch jack the rear


Very easy are using.
Attention to the master volume up too quickly so gently with your fingers.
I do not use the reverb
The band is qualiseur by very practical.
Micro-line function is trs well, we can not find more about the new
It is a bit heavy


I possde since 1992.
He accompanies me on every time scne instrument for my return, so he traveled a lot, but it is fragile and well concervbr plutt trs /> A tireless, strong, never fell broken down
The line out is because you have inserviable normment volume for him out a little gain.
So I connect the auxiliary a small mixer, the gnral on the console
One can criticize his weight, but with a 38, the royal grave over speaker and amp.
Gnralement, those with a small amplifier compensates for the serious qualiseur gnrale and output, then it is full of serious
deuxime advantage, it can be used without problem for low without the sound of an Ampeg or Trace Elliot, but passes without problem.
Micro function can be very useful for animation with family in a small room.
It's not a guitar amp, so no need to want to connect a

blackmore's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey KB300
Transistor amplifier 130W
Boomer 15 "
weight 35kg


Ultra simple
You support on a power on
2 you turn the pots
3 it works


I had bought in the 80s.
the +: very good sound (clear, powerful)
very versatile (you can just plug it in, keyboard, bass, guitar, microphone)

the -: very heavy and cumbersome lugging
compression tends to blow (embarrassing)

PierreM's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey KB300
150W RMS, while transistors 15 boomer "3Enter with equalizer, reverb springs, Mic.


The amp is very simple rgler the rverb is satisfactory, the power is great, it's an amp with which one can make the volume cepandant BUT it is very very cold, but many can dynamique.On correct this problem quite well with a prampli tubes.Il a rate of very low distortion, even at the bottom volume.Cepandant it is much too heavy: 35 kg.


A good amp, as it does not sound very hot to play for Hammond or Rhodes.LE sound is perfect to be useful on an analog synth, I'm me, served on a KORG polysix.Il is INTERESTED in a bass guitar, but a catastrophic electric guitar or amp rpter sche.Tres bad, very hard to transport must be a two and have a large chest. Otherwise there is an exellent amp that I think is perfect for playing in a gym sized or large cif using analog synth or a synthse FM as the DX7.