Peavey KB300
Peavey KB300

KB300, Keyboard Amplifier from Peavey in the KB series.

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blancjs 03/31/2014

Peavey KB300 : blancjs's user review

« Indestructible amp!! »

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150W solid-state amp with three inputs.


3 independent channels, including one with mic input. The latter is of no use, except as a temporary solution when you don't have a mixer around!
The manual...What manual? There's no need for one.


I have lugged it around with me for rehearsals and gigs (as a keyboard monitor) and it doesn't even cough. It's electronically infallible and the housing is indestructible. The speaker it just like the first day.

I've used it 20 years for keyboards and vocals during rehearsals. You plug in, turn it on and it just sounds!! Super powerful (even too much) for a typical rehearsal room.

My only criticism is its weight, darn!!