Yamaha PSR-1500
Yamaha PSR-1500

PSR-1500, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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All user reviews for the Yamaha PSR-1500

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 8 reviews )
 7 reviews88 %
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sandokan67's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha PSR-1500
Little comparison.

we have the grandfather of the famous PSR S 710

the screen of the same size
also the keyboard 61 keys

sounds are good but not mega Voice and it ensures you can always add an external expander him ketron sd2 style ... etc.

a bank of incredible styles with conversions of another perfect instrument to tyros 3 ketron sd1 through a technics kn 5000 korg pa 80 and you will find all these styles on the web and more thousand songs with style

c is also a reader and editor Kar file and midi file. and a digital recorder on USB key

it has in addition to existing connections on psr s710 (usb, lan, midi ... etc) of an SD card reader that can be very handy for sorting and trade style, registration ... etc.

of course psr s710 directly read the new style file yamaha but there are good free software for this convertion psr 1500


grip very fast and intuitive.


So much for half the price of psr s710 (around € 350 average price raise on the net) you have a semi pro keyboard very good workmanship that I recommend to beginners and to those that did not want to invest a fortune in a serious keyboard

we'll could compare the almighty tyros 4 that costs ten times more expensive and even then it will not have to have no shame, especially if the person who plays know how to use all these capabilities

morality: it is in the old mess that we make the best soup.

good music
Lennon Mercury04/19/2013

Lennon Mercury's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good arranger"

Yamaha PSR-1500
Arranger keyboard, with nearly 800 sounds in all categories, editable, 250 rhythms all styles (rock, pop, blues, latin, etc..). A handy 16-track sequencer. 5 octaves transposed octave or semitone. Many effects.


This keyboard is very intuitive. It is covered with buttons that will greatly facilitate the use. On the left is divided into the various categories rhythms, recorder, and buttons that act on the rhythm (intro, break, accompaniment, outro, fade in / out, tempo ...). In the center a large LCD screen in black and white but very readable, with buttons located on the sides to act in real time, whether at the level of sounds, sequencing, editing sounds ... Finally there is particular right buttons for selecting sounds categorized and everything about the keyboard settings.
Although the level of sound it is now a bit outdated, this keyboard is more convenient for me because you can do everything from A to Z with (for example, in a piece I need to change 5 times sounds - piano, strings, pad ... - well just press a button every time, no latency). You can record a song in real time, track by track or note by note.
In summary, this keyboard I use both for group play thanks to its sound bank to play alone a complete piece with built-in rhythms, and recording demos complete with its sequencer. His only fault is that the limit has no arpeggiator and no loop function.
Very different sounds but uneven quality in my. The pianos are not bad but lack of grain (you can easily fix because everything is editable, both the attack, decay, sustain, filter, effects, etc..). Various electric pianos (with good wurly particular), the sounds of guitar and bass BoFs, string sounds very expressive (eg violin solo is to die), not terrible brass, flutes nice (sound classic flute rather closely resembles the sound of mellotron Strawberry Fields Forever), the correct pads, and synth sounds very BoFs (probably not to compete with the famous brand CS).


This is a very good arranger keyboard. I use consistently for 7 years, whether in repeats or on stage, or to compose my own songs. Now I'm going to invest in heavier, but this is a keyboard that I will never part. In addition to its sentimental value, practicality and the fact that I can record my songs A to Z with good quality sound (which I do not want to put myself in the computer music) make this keyboard will remain in my set, such as because I do not want other arranger.
Adrien 7312/21/2011

Adrien 73's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Yamaha PSR 1500 the best arranger high tech."

Yamaha PSR-1500
The Yamaha PSR 1500 possde excellent sound engine dowry sonorits trsraliste of functionalities and compltes sophistiqus and the best manufacturing quality.




In rsumle Yamaha PSR 1500 possde excellent sound engine dowry sonorits trsraliste of functionalities and compltes sophistiqus and the best manufacturing quality.

Migoucorporation's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very practical"

Yamaha PSR-1500
Business detail see sheet manufacturer ...


Use of this synth is simple enough for the basic functions (change sound, rhythm, assign a pedal), especially thanks to "direct access" button that directly opens the corresponding menu n ' any desire section (eg "direct access" + pedal pressure opens the menu for the assignment pedal, etc ...).

In addition, the menus are very pousss including edition of "Style", that is to say the creation of a set of eight MIDI tracks, indpendament assignable at any canal, forming a loop 1 measures 32 modules that can be playing chords on the keyboard (from a minor squence a major squence just by changing a note of the agreement etc. ..) the possibility of creating 4 diffrentes pattern in a same style for each track, with 3 intros, 3 endings and breaks. The "rhythm boxes" prprogrammes sound a little dated but with patience, it is possible to program the very prcises fawn own.

The ngatif point would be the lack of possibility of edition of sounds. The manu exists but it only allows you to change an existing sound Adi and only basic parameters can be modifis (envellope, filter effect). It is his ngatif point, but the "squenceur" amply compensates for this default is not surprising for this type of keyboard.


I have this synth for a long time but I had stopped to use it, replaced by other, more tournes to the veritable synthesis. I have recently emerged in the context of a live performance (I did not use my pc for practical reasons and stability), and I completely rediscovered, including party dition of style to the very large possibilities (without either be a workstation) allowing me to check my other synths on stage. A very pleasant surprise when I thought I shot the maximum of the machine.

I hesitated to sell it while I used it more but I do not regret me for having preserved and if I returned to my choice I would do rear eyes closed.
Dj Titi du 6707/30/2008

Dj Titi du 67's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha PSR-1500
It is the conection avri ds (port usb, midi, jack, rca ...) The sound is good Calita there are Sufis to the concert and play all you want meaurseau


At first I pencas k'il forestay life of m after a week's use was simple manipulation


I use this keyboard for a few mainte Years (I used an advantageous electronic organ) I pay mainte 1500euro it down and I sui sure if its a remake I'll do it again (one can only disappointment c k'il not have to be micro which is handy for momentary (ESP 300 is one)
Demain matin10/27/2007

Demain matin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha PSR-1500
Hello all,

the PSR1500, it may be the trs good deal of late 2007. A lightweight keyboard, rhythm Varis (not always but trs Varis rpondent all styles of music) and especially a great quality sound. Great Rhodes and Wurlitzer, a trs beautiful piano, saxes wonderful expressiveness of .... Brief for less than 1000 euros if there was a keyboard buy, I will choose the one l.


Weaknesses: fragile connectors (MIDI, USB ...). I lost several hours to see that the midi out not working. The connector is soldered on a small card and mount too soft. If you are not careful with trs cable connections noon, too much pressure tear the track. If you have your handyman and small hands, you can catch the blow. I preferr prvenir you ...

Strengths: ease of use.


In conclusion: I use it for 4 months every day.
I bluff by the quality of the sounds, the ct transportable, being able splitter keyboard and layer two sounds right hand, the line in jack that lets you shuffled another device and the storage SmartMedia (hard to find used for manufacturing shall adopt and only with capacity <32 MD)

An instrument .... try it with a report qualitprix exceptional.

Platinum's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha PSR-1500
I am looking for a way to have renseingnement POSSIBILITEE of the record on a USB key it works both thank you to correspond to 2 m with cousinos@wanadoo.fr
psr 1500


Very difficult


3 months

sammykrosoft's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha PSR-1500
- Keyboard Arranger
- An output device to USB (to connect a USB key, a floppy drive - provided !!!!, etc ...)
- 1 x USB to host (for connecting a computer)
- Output MIDI IN / OUT DIN 9-pin (to connect an expander for example, or a MIDI sound card, another instrument, ...)
- 790 sounds about ditables! (Not just adding effects, you can change the basic paramtres as the attack, the shape of the wave - not as pushed a synth but it is a good intro)
- Enormment paramtrables individual effects (presets Rverb and Chorus - Hall, Room, Water, ..)
- 16 tracks Squenceur trs intuitive user
- Can import files very easy. MID. KAR using the USB key or USB floppy disk drive, view and edit the partition, etc ...
- Sets the tempo of Possible by tapping a button prvu this
- And many others not yet explored


- Config gnrale trs intuitive (compared to the Korg PA-50 anyway), no LCD screen surchargbr /> - Edit sounds simple enough
- Manual clear, well illustrated and said in French!


- I use it for 2 months now, the sounds are excellent (lgrement the notes of piano bass and Aiges - for cons, the bass and Aiges are striking of Ralite!)
The BMOL, especially default my purchase I think, the key dernire (Do the following five octave - key 61) is lower than 2 lgrement millimtres compared to other , so the VLOC is worse on this dernire.
- I like particularity: Polyphony 96 notes, and can assign two sounds at the same time the keyboard Notes on the same split +
- Particular feature that I like least: 61 keys, but trs common in this price range
- I tried the cheaper keyboards including Korg PA-50 is ergonomics, simplicity and class of the interface, the modern devices of playback / recording (USB, card reader Smart-Media) that I take the DCID PSR1500.
- Report qualitprix: neither good nor bad
- With the exprience, yes, I would do this choice for an arranger to have a default Piano numrique for lack of space ...