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  • Kiso - Suzuki W-300

    Kiso - Suzuki W-300 - " A quality that improves with age.!"


    The Japanese guitar "Kiso Suzuki W300" very good quality, very well evaluated in 1975 ... The table is perfect in this case jour.La pearly edges gives it its style and its tropical wooden handle quality, provided 21 frets, identified by dots pearlesc…

  • Kiso - Suzuki W-350

    Kiso - Suzuki W-350 - " at the top for me"


    Suzuki Grand Guitar W350 any info on the table, back, sides, neck. Back in three parts with two different woods. It dates from before 1987 (date of closing of the business there is a blog that tells it) UTILIZATION I unraveled a level. I sa…

  • Kiso - Suzuki WK-65 HD

    Kiso - Suzuki WK-65 HD - efabric's review


    Japan guitar manufacturing, probably in Nagoya in the early 80s. This is a copy of a mixture of Gibson Hummingbird, with the shield of the Gibson Dove. The easel is height adjustable. The handle is slightly rounded, he tends to come off at the …

  • Kiso - Suzuki W-500

    Kiso - Suzuki W-500 - johnclaud45's review


    I have a guitar since 1978 Kiso-Suzuki W500 (made in Japan), which looks like a Martin D45 (I think ...). Finishing and decorations are superb. She typed bluesy sound that I love and I can not find on any other guitar, even high-end. If you own t…

  • Kiso - Suzuki W-350

    Kiso - Suzuki W-350 - @ViGoo''s review


    Kiso Suzuki guitar manufacturing W-35 Model No. 61110 made in Japan, bought in 1976 in St Brieuc in 850fr at the time. Marks on the head: "Hillbilly" to be marketing the brand to more American folk The decor and cash rose is identical in all resp…

  • Kiso - Suzuki W-350

    Kiso - Suzuki W-350 - Mixel's review


    Kiso-Suzuki factory in Japan (year?) logo "Suzuki & Co 1951" on the head, Martin style fancy easel (shape + shell) also handle fantasy: a frieze mother in "Ivy" travels all over the neck of an effect absolutely fantastic! no amplification (…

  • Kiso - Suzuki W-350

    Kiso - Suzuki W-350 - Thierry125's review


    Japanese manufactured, according to the sites devoted to old Japanese guitars (there are fans of these instruments), Suzuki has made acoustic guitars from 1951 to about 1980, these guitars were usually handmade, and are mostly replicas some models an…