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  • Korg Exb - Moss

    Korg Exb - Moss - egitana's review


    Additionnal card for Tritons, it amne the box of course a terrible option. It possde polyphony 6 ratings only (why not 16 like the Korg Z1 sir?). Moss is based on the virtual synthse (dj applies to Yamaha a few years ago), and we propose to simula…

  • Korg Exb - Pcm08

    Korg Exb - Pcm08 - Grans's review


    This card is not top top-level pianos, I prfre EXB01 yet the ROM is EXB08 Fully Dvou the acoustic piano. Map Dcevante. …

  • Korg Exb - Pcm01

    Korg Exb - Pcm01 - Dam's review


    Bought in 2002 with the triton rack. this card is not useful for piano sounds are the same as they see worse! some organ sounds sound good but overall this card is not a good investment ... business got! if anyone wants it, she is selling. (06 15 14 …

  • Korg Exb - Moss

    Korg Exb - Moss - Negraval's review


    Purchased 500 Euros in 2001. Current Price: around 650 Euros. Sound quality compared to PCM or sound cards factory. For lovers of pure sound synthesis. Synthesis called "physical modeling" in fact multiple oscillators and filters autographed co…