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Korg EXB user reviews


    Korg EXB-RADIAS - " Well ... but ..."


    I use it for 1 year. This is a real plus for the M3. It gives a real new dimension greasy bass, pads deep, strong and crystalline leads. But ... The real downside for me is the difficulty of controlling the parameters of the Radias. Indee…

  • Korg Exb - Pcm05

    Korg Exb - Pcm05 - " Not bad but. .."


    I bought this expansion to have more modern sounds, in fact I regret that when installing an expansion, having to sacrifice a RAM bank (C or D) for new sounds . Ultimately, it is best to buy an available R3 than this extension ... at least that's my …

  • Korg Exb - Pcm09

    Korg Exb - Pcm09 - djchris62's review


    This map gives a good shot of my youth newt I just bought it I had already try before that is why I am tempted I do not regret the purchase despite the difficulty to find it very rare in occasion and even in new hard to find below $ 200, the blow I b…

  • Korg EXB-M256

    Korg EXB-M256 - Dub Tom's review


    The M3 was already a great workstation. Korg end of 2008 offered an update (version Xpanded), which among other improvements, increased the PCM ROM of 256 MB to 640 MB. on the other hand, to simultaneously charge all new banks of sounds, you must …

  • Korg Exb - Pcm06/07

    Korg Exb - Pcm06/07 - Muse_boy's review


    - For how long have you been using it? I use the 2 months since PCM06/07 / - What is the specific feature you like best, the least? The quality of sound is irreproachable it feels like s a real orchestra. I enjoyed the sounds as they allow…

  • Korg Exb - Moss

    Korg Exb - Moss - Directtodreams's review


    IN-DIS-PEN-SA-BLE! anyone with a Triton that has not in fact the card has only 1 / 8 of Triton em! infinite possibility for electro sounds and bidoullage of any kind! it sounds serious! …

  • Korg Exb - Pcm05

    Korg Exb - Pcm05 - phenix!'s review


    I had purchased along with my Triton rack, There are about 5 years because I'm quite fond of sound "vintage", and at that time there were not many plug ins that now and anyway I begin Music I knew very little. I had paid - for 1000 francs, which…

  • Korg Exb - Pcm05

    Korg Exb - Pcm05 - vetjc's review


    - How long have you use it? I use it for one month - What is the particular feature you like best and least? The least: It trs ch **** install from the roland is vritablement plug n play. L there must be the OS of the machine and then install the …

  • Korg Exb - Pcm08

    Korg Exb - Pcm08 - balladenoire's review


    I use this card for over a year and I must admit that compared to the EXB-PCM01, it is a step up. It is entirely devoted to piano and it shows in the sample. Recommend. …

  • Korg Exb - Pcm03

    Korg Exb - Pcm03 - Neids's review


    - How long have you use it? 1 month - What is so special that you like most and least? PLUS: Samples of high quality. As the loops that give expression indisputable. LESS: There are some loops as usual complex and often unusable one would li…