Korg Exb - Pcm09
Korg Exb - Pcm09

Exb - Pcm09, Patch/Program Bank from Korg in the EXB series.

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djchris62 04/16/2009

Korg Exb - Pcm09 : djchris62's user review


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This map gives a good shot of my youth newt I just bought it I had already try before that is why I am tempted I do not regret the purchase despite the difficulty to find it very rare in occasion and even in new hard to find below $ 200, the blow I buy new because I liked her too for 185 euro it remain a stroke of luck
the sounds of trance and dance are great we can manufacture all is there is no limit, actually I think it's one of the best maps for electro and dance as I try dance extreme 4, which is not bad but for the most rnb and rap I think if he had to choose all the cards in the newt (primarily because it is a machine made for all that is electro), I and choose the exb pcm09 exb pcm 04, and vintage 5,
regarding the exb pcm 09 there are a lot of samples and came with nice patterns and some sequences are posting with a sequence in which keys are very nice too hard!
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

Here I am giving notice almost 2 years after you buy this card that I also resold by selling my Triton, but I buy a Karma and I splurge on buying this card that my stroke of luck cost only 95 euros

and with just me karma is even harder because with the 4-programmable arpgiators karma ral time we do crazy stuff

I think I'll still keep this machine with his card for some time

if you find one if you buy a Triton or Karma

was worth