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egitana 05/19/2004

Korg Exb - Moss : egitana's user review


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Additionnal card for Tritons, it amne the box of course a terrible option. It possde polyphony 6 ratings only (why not 16 like the Korg Z1 sir?).

Moss is based on the virtual synthse (dj applies to Yamaha a few years ago), and we propose to simulate many instruments:

Brass: not content to do in the dtail Dcibel and we can, for example, apply the strokes our favorite instrument! ism ensured in a mix. We can get a trumpet or trumpet graaaaasse much more discreet style lost in a symphony orchestra. The sax and other "Brass" is Submitted.

Wind: the flutes are of a gentle to Phra competition. There is no doubt that after the matrise Settings, flutist prt be sought from you! traversire the flute is in the machine!

Guitars: not bad but not as good as in the Yamaha Motif example. Nanmoins, we can play in the same program rub the strings or the strings "harmonics".

Hammond: We have the simulator organs. Type B3 or cathedral, depending on your programming. The sound is terrifying for the sounds of our parish CHRE! for B3, we have the right zippers that do not exist! this allows CRER original sounds. The drums are programmed. Sacred sounds in prespective ...

Electric pianos: the same means mtal rsons ... nothing to say is hell.

Analog down the volume on your amp ... and let yourself be guided by the sounds of power any evidence. You can feel the diffrence with Triton presets without a map. It was also quick to forget them and take only the analogue sounds of MOSS. Breathtaking.

In bulk, we also rhythmic, and tyranausaures (!) Of hlicos (to attack the dinosaur?), Choirs, and weird stuff passes hours discovering the many surprises.

The big plus as the sound can really be modified by the assignable knobs and switches (for B3 drawbars, for brass pistons etc etc etc)

Sounds provided on diskette Obviously call the sounds of MOSS, but also the internal sounds. The arpges become organic analog sounds vibrate the speakers and our ears are happy!

I have been the only prsentation trs summary of the map, it is best to test it. And I fear that you do like me: o did I put my credit card?

A must for one who possde Triton sounds and wants no equivalence, it may dcourager newcomers synthse. But with a little time and thanks to the large display, it becomes a game .. grown children.

If I had the choice again, it would not hsiter.

For more information, the site Korg Submitted diffrent the virtual parts of the map.