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Lab Gruppen user reviews

  • Lab Gruppen LAB 2002

    Lab Gruppen LAB 2002 - "Fantastic, Swedish-made power amp"


    This is a power amp designed for touring sound systems use. Its made by a Swedish company that is known for their craftsmanship. This amp has a lot of really cool features that come into play really well when being used in a live setting. For instanc…

Translated user reviews
  • Lab Gruppen fP 6400

    Lab Gruppen fP 6400 - " fp 6400 or qsc pl 380 to see ...."


    I stinks to test with my system consist of two jbl srx 728s plus two jbl mp 415, and another system consist of two head EV tx 2152 with two subs in 46cm rcf 1000 WRMS. We compare the qsc pl 236 pl 380 qsc, lab gruppen fp 6400, and crown itech 8000.…

  • Lab Gruppen iP 1350

    Lab Gruppen iP 1350 - " great amp"


    How long have you use it? I use it for 3 years, the acute and medium high a sytem 4 channels. I tried on small sub, it's magic! Have you tried many other models before buying it? I had qsc (rmx), the inter-m. I do not bump with the lab gruppen…

  • Lab Gruppen fP 6400

    Lab Gruppen fP 6400 - " powerful lightweight"


    I used the replacement of a vz 5002 I just sold was a young disco j still uses two qsc rmx 2450 for the benefit of other 6400 is the lightest of all my amps and I use two slide 46 lf 18 401 rcf n ls or even nexus 1200 rcf ca works very well and I do …

  • Lab Gruppen fP 6400

    Lab Gruppen fP 6400 - " Top level"


    Tried coffee together on medium heads acute APG. Great sound, even very strong without being aggressive. I opened after concert (buying opportunity), while nickel is in the modular design is well thought out, and it is built to last with high-qua…

  • Lab Gruppen FP 10000Q

    Lab Gruppen FP 10000Q - " Excellent amplifier"


    Let's start with the price: no, it is not expensive. New, 5500 euros for 4 channels, it's only 2750 for 2 channels. The top at that price, you can not do better. As for the amp, nothing to say. The 4 x 2000W into 4 ohms are there, but it is clear …

  • Lab Gruppen FP 10000Q

    Lab Gruppen FP 10000Q - " amp 4x25000w 7 kg"


    4x2500w nothing to say the very compact pro 6 year warranty .... What about a listen and leave your checkbook .... …

  • Lab Gruppen fP 6400

    Lab Gruppen fP 6400 - " value sure ^ ^" has images


    everything is said about this amp I just add that a halo of this material there:) Strong point does not heat many adjustments on the rear faithful reconstruction of the sound message with no particular coloration power to the appointment …

  • Lab Gruppen LAB 1000

    Lab Gruppen LAB 1000 - " I love it"


    strength, its clear, end, hifi, dynamic, potato, does not heat pas.quoi hopes for a better power amp 2X600w.double. …

  • Lab Gruppen fP 6400

    Lab Gruppen fP 6400 - " The gem has nothing to say ..."


    I am of the same opinion as you, I have a Lab FP 3400 for my 2 Martin Audio F15 and FP 6400 for my 2 S 18 Martin Audio, late evening they are as cold as a glaon Lol and the sound ... I still dream about clean clear In any case I strongly recommend a…