C414 B-TL II, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from AKG in the C414 series.

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All user reviews for the AKG C414 B-TL II

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 6 reviews100 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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radikal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

See below ...


J l have used more than one year
I love the warm presence that he aporte vote veiled but it also brings the sibilance more or less depending on the voice and it ruins everything ... (the price of micro I have no mercy)
j I might try different positions, there's nothing to do except use a de-esser ...
had a day before ie 95
quality / price ratio: a lot ...
I would do not have that choice for voice ... (because of the sibilance) on the other hand for instruments (piano, violont, flute ..) Does it appear in stereo, it is deadly, I have not try but I think yes ...

December 27, 2008
j I received my rode classic 2 and I've found that while quality microphones have the wheezing so I regret my C414 TL2, just marry a good de-esser (9629 spl?), an anti pop, a alimtention phantom and a good tube preamp.
if you have one, do not like me, keep it! if you voyer one, buy it!
I highly recommend this mic for rappers.

rockrooner's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Studio microphone (see scne according to style of music), but with some special-purpose internal dedicates the first vocals.


I use the microwave for 1 year to record my albums. Coupled a pramp / compressor TLaudio 5051, is your exact height of my expectancy at! I have a voice "martin baritone" and what makes him a beautiful micro warm color, trs well Retailer! It's impressive to prsence and Fidler!
I also recorded a cello ... What ism!
Well, what I like least in this micro is its look! It is unbalanced design is trs acr but I forgive him ... the sound is what matters APRS all! And with such a look is unmistakable ... Moreover AKG has understood this since a facelift performed without a radical change t! It trsrussit!
Just before the micro acqurir I have not tried other, I knew c'tait value sre. The only comparison I had not the least is the Neumann U87 from home to have recorded an album with Previous! No dception then, the C414 does not suffer from the comparison! So I think the report quality excellent price!

In short I think I found my microphone! It sticks to my voice and my music is rock ...

Rk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

See below.


It's been a year and a half I possde.
I like the fact that he ddi the song without n'tre ddi exclusively to singing.
Trs good sound, beautiful grain, in excellent overhead, perfect for vocals and strings, winds to try on a rsultat enjoyable. Also made a beautiful couple on piano.
I use a preamp with derrire Amek PurePath, and I confess that I am in your exact bluff.
The price is a bit expensive, but I think it has is well worth the effort.
If I had money I would reiterate a deuxime!!

Roycool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Micro chant vocation ... rise in the curve of 4 kHz, the rest very flat.
Each microphone comes with its own curve.
Multipolarity (4) and -10 & -20 dB pad.

Re-creation of the capsule of the famous C 12 vintage sound ... without the output transformer.

Micro cash that huge ...



To summarize: "IN YOUR FACE"

Used for several months, I made a decision of a feminine voice mezzi, rendering is very warm and crystalline.
My voice, baritone ... .... Then its huge ...
I Rechants my titles on this couple and I prefer the sound that couple Neumann M 149 / Focusrite RED ..
Its more rock, thicker, fatter ...
Well .. as a result, I have to remix my tracks to get a go this one in the mix!

Compared to the Rode NT 2 as I board .. nothing to do ..
At both levels of precision that made the ... Neither at the price ...

Attention nothing transparent in this couple ... You have to love!
... I love!

Last Day in May 2004: In the studio, trying an APRS VH1 Brauner, Neumann U 47 Valve, A Sanken Cu 41, I record my album with the C414B Tl II, with a Pramp Studer D19 and MicValve as an insert to the compressor, my Joemeek VC1 Qcs ...

Scaby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The 414 B-TL II is a version of trs diffrent 414 B ULS.

Condenser microphone (condenser) vocation "singing". INTERESTED nanmois on many acoustic instruments.


Used for 3 months.
The "prsence" of voice is remarkable. The voice appears naturally in the mix, do almost no ncessite four (most of the time I leave compltement law and let the magic oprer ...).

The strong point is that the sound is not aggressive, despite a curve rponse significantly increases the 8k (whistling classical) and 11k (prsence hump), but mod re on the 2.5 or the voices that make 3k nassillardes or aggressive. The bass is not Submitted excs, farms and prcises. The mdiums n'agreessent not. The highs are a precision and a brilliant always stunning, and the bump classic 11k prsence always effect for improved sharpness.

Tip: never save a singer by placing the cell in the axis of the mouth with such a microphone, your exact would be too aggressive. INTERESTED position is the position of the eyes or forehead, to the mouth, at least 20 centimtres (to avoid an effect of proximity often indsirable).

The report is not too qualitprix Whereas for such a micro, which Representative for me an advantage taken in the standard of singing.

I tried the Rode NT2 also, Behringer B2 (super nice), TLM 103 (trs right), U47 and U87 (largely surcoats my taste), and the Solid Tube (also a little surcoat ...)

DEFINITIONS IDAL the microphone in a trs many situations.

The default: uh ....... its price??

Hiryu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Studio microphone capsule which has been specifically designed for voice recording.
As capacitor it needs to be powered by phantom power and a preamp quality to maximize its qualities. Its frequency response is really excellent for voice and in this price range than the Neumann TLM 103 you really feel the difference. My only complaint is that it must have a quality preamp for the microphone sensitivity is not as extensive as a U87, for example. However this defect is minor because in general, as part of a spoken or sung it need not be very far from the source. The proximity effect is very pleasing and enhances the heat of his prized for deep voices or jazz recording. At this he also has many directional options (cardio hypercardio, bi, omni) and 3 attenuations for the proximity effect and a setting of-10dB for sources very powerful.


I use this microphone preamp coupled with a Focusrite Voice master who is also dedicated special attention to the voice. The result is excellent after qlqs settings in the past I had used an AKG C1000, AKG C3000, a Neumann TLM103 AKG C414 and a ULS. In comparison, there is no photograph, voice is the top. Of course, it is less versatile than the version C414 ULS yet less expensive, but if you want a truly remarkable sound for this price is quite exceptional. Its price is about 950 € but it is definitely worth a visit. The voice sounds perfectly clear during the mix and once you use it you will hardly change. I use it for singing in the studio but also in post production, broadcast quality.
Note that recently it comes with a spider type suspension handy.