Avantone Pro Avantone CV-12
Avantone Pro Avantone CV-12

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moosers's review

Avantone Pro Avantone CV-12
The Avant Electronics Avantone CV-12 is a large diaphragm tube microphone modeled after the famous AKG C12. The mic is definitely best suited in the recording studio, as I wouldn't use it anywhere else. The mic has three polar pick up patterns to choose from - either cardioid, omnidirectional, or figure eight. It also has patterns in between as well if I'm not mistaken. The mic has a 6072A tube inside of it. In terms of accessories, the mic comes with a power supply, a special 7 pin cable, a shock mount, a wooden case for the mic, and a larger carrying case for everything.


For the price, the Avant Electronics Avantone CV-12 is an absolutely awesome microphone. The parts that come with the microphone like the shock mount and the cables and all that are definitely pretty cheap feeling, but I'll take the trade off any day considering the price. While it's not really a C12, it does share a similar type of make up and style for sure. I've used the CV-12 for a few different applications, including using the set of two as drum overheads and as a vocal microphone. For both applications we were able to get some awesome results with the mic. It has a very warm and full bodied sound for sure, but don't expect the sound of a real C 12 to come out of this. The price of the CV-12 is really what puts it over the edge for me. These would be some really cool microphone if they were double the price, but being that they're available for only $500 US dollars a piece, it's really a no brainer. Whether you're looking for a budget tube microphone for your home or professional studio, the Avant Electronics Avantone CV-12 is an awesome way to go!

lrob's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Avantone Pro Avantone CV-12
CF Builder


Tested on a few votes for 1 month on mine it works miracles, very warm, very defined, balance, treble very sweet ... I personally prefer in a lot of cases a U87, M149, U47 FET and Tube ... For just 500 balls (at Studio Dealers in Paris) is frankly ultra respectable. It is far from Chinese treble 3 balls. The question is: Is the BV-12 worth? It is probably closer to the original C-12, but interest? I highly recommend, as its sound. :)

mic78's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent vocal mic"

Avantone Pro Avantone CV-12
Tube microphone membranne wide, 3 directional.

Beautiful manufacturing happens in a briefcase with his spider capitonée support (however impractical). Bought new on Thomann.

Excellent vocal mic.


Used by plugging directly into the preamp of my Digi 003, no equalization or no treatment, the sound of my voice is hot on well defined. You need to activate the bass roll off to reduce the proximity effect. The sound is impeccable, no breath, stunning for a microphone at that price. I found this a much warmer micro C214 passed through a Universal Audio 6176, even after many treatments.

I tried taking acoustic guitar and I was a little disappointed, I must continue to experiment with other investments and directional microphone. The sound is a little claustrophobic and the medium of my Martin D-28 side is not well captured by the microphone.

Micky201's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Avantone Pro Avantone CV-12
Micro lamp on the principle of AKG C12, but made in China under American control.
The microphone is supplied with a suspension, power, cable to the microphone 7 meters I think, three interchangeable lamps giving the different colors and a nice carrying case.

The microphone is a variable directivity: cardioid, omni and figure-8, and what with all the intermediate positions. It has a low cut switch (80Hz) and a 10 dB pad.


As for the quality of the material provided is really very good and very beautiful (see the site consrtucteur). The microphone comes with a doc in which the guy who controls the microphone to a US sign his name and with the same date.

The sound it provides is exceptional. Hot and very defined, an embellished Clarete, the wheezing are present but are very nice. No more desseurs. The voice is very natural and well presented. At the moment not yet tested on other instrumentals.

If you want to listen (other mics as well): https://www.studioauditions.com/jamroomsessions_home.php

I could not compare with a real C12, but I do not care, the result is really impressive. In short, based on my personal opinion and that of all the testers on the Internet (see reviews of the product from the manufacturer or other forums), I think we have a product that's worth a look. In addition it is really cheap: $ 500 online.

3 POINTS TO CONSIDER all the same:
1 - They are not many distributors.
2 - The delivery times are long enough (I had to wait one month and a half) because of slow production. But hey, who said he had to be pressed ...
3 - Using the low cut switch, you get an awful plop in listening, so be careful.