sE Electronics Z5600a-II
sE Electronics Z5600a-II

Z5600a-II, Large diaphragm condenser tube microphone from sE Electronics.

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overson's review

sE Electronics Z5600a-II
It's first and foremost a vocal mic, but it is very good on acoustic guitars and alto! Careful: Don't use it upside down (the capsule could unscrew!)
The original tube does the job, it's neutral and clean.
But it really becomes amazing with a Telefunken 12ax7!


I've been using it for 4 years and prefer it over a Neuman U87. It is much more precise.
Very good value for money 10/10
William G.09/29/2011

William G.'s review" Accurate, clear and HOT"

sE Electronics Z5600a-II
Tube vocal mic


I've been using this mic for several years and I bought a second one a while ago. It's more precise than most of my Neumanns (TLM 103, U87 and M149 Tube), but also less mids-heavy and sharper, which might not suit everybody... I like it for deep voices due to its clarity. I give it 8/10.

Maf21_12's review

sE Electronics Z5600a-II
Vocal and acoustic instrument mic with 48V phantom power with separate tube.


I've used it for a week to record acoustic guitars and vocals for a pop album.
What I like best: Its look, the thickness of the sound, the reproduction of acoustic guitars.
What I like least: The weight of the case, it's not easy to find the right placement when recording vocal takes.
I have used many mics (akg 414, Neuman 57,67,47, Se Gemini, etc..)
Its value for money is quite all right, I paid about $780 and I'm very happy with it.
The sound for acoustic guitars is EXCELLENT and for vocals it's a bit difficult to adjust, I need to take more time than with my c 414, but the outcome is really good! Very clear, clean, without any masking at all!!!
The only thing is that it's a bit mids-heavy for vocals. I was a bit afraid in the beginning, but with the right EQ and compression settings during mixdown, the sound is EXCELLENT!!

I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.
I give it an 8 for the mids on vocals, but for everything else it really deserves a 10!