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MXL V77S tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: MXL
  • Model: V77S
  • Category: Large diaphragm condenser tube microphones
  • Added in our database on: 04/01/2004

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MXL V77S user reviews

Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 4 reviews )
 1 user review25 %
 3 reviews75 %

chrislieck's review"Good Mic for Room Mics"

I like most of the MXL line and I sue them every day at my studio complex I like this microphone for room micing for drums only. I think that this V line of mics is great for room and acoustic but I personally dont like the boost or enhancement they produce on the top end at about 7K. I don't find that to my ears suitable for vocals. This mic is a decent mic for the money but is not a mic that I would use for vocals. We use this mic for room micing the room from afar and at the longest point of the room. The mic does well for room micing. I placed this about three feet from the kick drum and with the drummer hitting the set rather hard the mic delivers a good punch for me around 100hz. I like the way the mic is not to bright but bright enough for my ears. I have similar mics around this price range but we use this mic quite frequently on room micing the drums. I also have used this mic for acoustic guitar and I am picky when micing the acoustic so I like this mic for the money on certain instruments but not for vocals and when I see guys using them for vocals I am not really on boat with that for my ears. I also found some reviews that state that the mic is fat and warm but when we tested the mic we see a great deal of mid and high mid on the EQ graph and that is not a frequency that you want a high bump on the high mid and high end, at least I don't. I have not tried it on a female singer so I can't comment on that but I can as for male singers and that is a big part of why you buy a vocal mic. You want to have both male and female singers sounding fat and warm if you buying a mic for a home studio.


I like the sound it gives for room micing

Good value for the money but depends on application.

I have most of the MXL line at my studio. I like it for specific instruments such as guitars acoustic only and room micing. I don't love this mic or even like it for vocals. I only used it on male singers so I can not say that it would sound bad on a female singer but I do not like the mic for male singers. I do think that MXL makes great mics. I would buy a SPARK but Blue for $200 and you will like it more.


stompboxjon's review"MultiPurpose Microphone"

I have been using the MXL V77S consistently for about 4 years now, I did own this microphone for a while and one thing that I noticed about it that it has over other similar microphones is that the MXL V77S is a very neutral and consistent microphone. You can pretty much use this microphone for any type of recording and still get a great sound. I was actually very surprised when I heard this mic’d up on a piano, I didn’t think that it was a good enough microphone to give you a good tone with a grand piano. But after listening to the recording during playback it sounded amazing.


The V77S is a tube condenser microphone and it will add a great quality microphone to your set up. It is also affordable to most any home musician if you need it. The thing that I like the most about the V77s is that it is a versatile microphone that is great in almost any situation. The value of this microphone is so great for the price it’s a no brainer. The downside, is that there are a few other microphones that are similar that kind of out shine it. I have heard a few microphones that are tube condensers that Shure makes that sound very similar to this microphone and are just a little bit cheaper and more well built than the V77S. The MXL V77S is a very good and well built microphone but I don’t think it can take much punishment or drops. I am very happy though that I made the choice in purchasing a few of these years ago. They didn’t give me any issues or problems. I never did drop them though , I didn’t even really move them that much I just left them on piano. Still a great buy though, and years have passed so I am sure they are cheaper now.

theaudioandvideoguy's review"Use it at home"

The MXL V77 S is a mic that I was very impressed by at a convention when they where demonstrating its capabilities. The frequency response on it is 20hz-20khz and it’s a cardioid pattern mic with an impedance of 250 ohms. It does come with a power supply as well. The previous model of this mic was the MXL 2003 (im pretty sure) and it was very similar to this one you really couldn’t tell a difference if you did a side by side comparison of the two. So im not too sure if you want to call this one a upgrade in my opinion. But since they say it is then It must be, but there really arent any bad things that you can so about this mic. It will provide you with very colorful vocals that any engineer can appreciate because it will give them less work and a better natural sound.


With the MXL v77 S you will get a very warm sound that most mics just cant get. Plus the MXL V77S is very affordable so it gives you the option to use it in your home studio which I prefer because I am most creative when im in the privacy of my own home and you never know when inspiration might strike so its always good to have a vocal mic on hand that can process great quality at an affordable rate. Also, your room doesn’t have to be completely treated in order for it to work well. If your room is just furnished regular like with a coach set and carpet. That should be enough to provide a good sound without having to go out and buy pads and all those other things. You wont be disappointed with this mic, it will take care of you. Invest in it.

moosers's review

The MXL V77S is a large diaphragm tube condenser microphone made for use in the recording studio. I haven't taken this mic outside of my studio and I really wouldn't recommend using it for anything outside of the studio at all. It comes with a unique power supply as well as a wide screen filter.


I've been using the MXL V77S for about a two years and have found it to be a pretty good tube condenser microphone. It has a nice warm sound that is surprisingly good for the price and considering the brand. I haven't been a big advocate of MXL microphones in the past as even though they are incredibly cheap they are easy to break and don't always have the best sound quality. I figured I would take a chance on the V77S because of its cheap price and because I believed that the upside would be worth the try. I found that I was somewhat right because I still use this microphone on occasion to this day. I like the way it records certain things including certain vocal types and as a room microphone. It has a very warm sound to it and for this reason it will color your tone and doesn't reproduce your signal perfectly. However, as long as you know this and use it for situations that this will work to your advantage rather than hurt you, the MXL V77S comes in very handy. If you are a home studio owner looking to get a tube condenser microphone to add to your collection, the MXL V77S is an overall pretty good choice. I would recommend those interested to try it out to see if it will work for what you are trying to do as this a pretty good deal overall and is worthy of a try.

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