Martin & Co D-28L
Martin & Co D-28L

D-28L, Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar from Martin & Co.

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blek77 02/17/2008

Martin & Co D-28L : blek77's user review


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1997 US-made Martin Nazareth
dtail to go to the Martin site, everything is quality!


I was hesitant after reading the various reviews on this guitar, and people said that his great silent but took time to appropriate it as not easy to play.
in fact it is very enjoyable to play, the neck is excellent, the action low, a rgal.
fingers at low volumes it is rich in harmonic dja trs, one never tires of playing it is so beautiful.
mdiator is the volume of its imagined that without amplification!!


The sounds are very balance is simply sublime highs to severe

play blues, pop, rock is a rgal with this guitar for its most latin jazz, bossa prfrer nylon ;-) )


Bought 2 weeks ago on ebay (half price) and imported from England, the guitar is 10 years old, she is perfect in sound
few complaints about the quality of the polish of the table that has a tendency over time become damaged (cracked a few places)
I used to be a Takamine EF341 (MODL springsteen) and I tried several MODELS fender, yamaha. It's simple, I can not play or listen to a folk without finding another bland and volume!!
I thought a silent legends and Martin did not understand the prices. Now I realize that there really catgories several guitars and I understand better than a guitar vale 5 10x the price of another. The crazier with this type of guitar is that the sound is so beautiful, you always want to play and you really feel better than other guitars, because the harmonics are so rich low volume ..... c is prodigious.
the price that I achet1400), I would do well on the same choice!! after 2400 euros (list price) I do not think I would have the budget one day .......