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Lighting Lighting Packages
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Lighting Packages news

  • Yorkville LP-LED4

    Yorkville LP-LED4

    03/20/11 in Yorkville LP-LED4

    The Yorkville LP-LED4 has been designed to be a mobile lighting system for duos, bands or DJ’s.

  • American DJ LED Quest

    American DJ LED Quest

    01/28/10 in ADJ (American DJ) LED Quest

    Powered by 15 watts of LED power, this sound-active effect shoots out bright red, green, and blue rotating beams from 19 lenses to cover an entire dancefloor or other large area.

  • American DJ LS-70 LED

    American DJ LS-70 LED

    06/04/08 in ADJ (American DJ) LS-70 LED

    American DJ Introduces LS-70 LED Mobile Par Can System.