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Eyrolles Live sound tuition/press user reviews

  • Eyrolles Le son live

    Eyrolles Le son live - diffy's review


    I received this book yesterday and have the book without losing time. I have not read all the chapters but I think it's a good book for beginners or strengthen conaissances the sound of small and medium scnes. Descriptions are trsdtailles and with a …

  • Eyrolles Le son live

    Eyrolles Le son live - Nicolas35's review


    YES c'es't one of the WAR book that is truly informative Eyrolles (and I bought some I have left across the throat to the report content / price) The one is a good beginners of rflexion even if it is still a little hungry. However, the accents ar…

  • Eyrolles Le son live

    Eyrolles Le son live - raph la moule's review


    This book really terrible lil l!! A good book for anyone discovering the world of scne but also for those who need paufiner the use of effects and other hack who does not like math! I use it often in practice and if the good advice of the author are …