Eyrolles Le son live
Eyrolles Le son live

Le son live, Live sound tuition/press from Eyrolles.

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diffy 06/27/2006

Eyrolles Le son live : diffy's user review


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I received this book yesterday and have the book without losing time. I have not read all the chapters but I think it's a good book for beginners or strengthen conaissances the sound of small and medium scnes. Descriptions are trsdtailles and with a little courage, even a neophyte can learn the basics of sound, although the exprience to accompany this course is ncessaire. Just because you read the book that "knows" background music, but you learn the 'tricks' help.
The various points around: explanation of how the mixing of various effects such as compressor, expander, gate, limiter, echo, gnrateur harmonic and anti-Lasen circuits. It also explains how to avoid the most of the feedback gnrer properly positioned microphones and speakers, how to remove the qualo. An explanation of the operation of DIFFERENT types of microphone is made several times during the book one prconise certain types of microphones for certain applications.
The sound is also explained for instruments like guitar, bass and drums, diffrent rglages of equalization are donns and explained.

Part I prfre is the practical part, in fact it was my opinion in this part you learn the more things and tricks to avoid common errors.

and some technical complment comes with DIFFERENT DEFINITIONS and explanations of terms, such as the mean dB, a few rules on impdance and bandwidth and even a little wiring and advice to avoid ground loops on scne.

Finally, overall it is a complete book to learn sound to the lack DEFINITIONS my taste a bit of arati but remains easily readable even when.
I regret, a CD, I find the good books of this type should be accompanied by a CD that would read and listen at the same time it brought by the rglages.

Personally I sound beginners in taking care of little concert in my School and sometimes xtrieur, gnralement the public is made up of 100 200 people. I had the chance to reflect on compressors and equalizers but this book gave me a mthode for rgler, instead of at random, to expriementer, I understand what I do.