Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Cass Lynyrd 06/11/2005

Epiphone Les Paul Custom : Cass Lynyrd's user review


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Yum, I'm not the redtailler CHARACTERISTICS they are registered under.
It is a Les Paul, I crack myself dja for well-known form, and the black finish and gold almost irrprochable (that Coren).
I put 9 because when I see it, I find it a great all except the head ... sniff ... Gibson


The handle is trs enjoyable in my opinion, any Manir you get used much. It's true that Access in dernires is not really a joke and I personally have a problem with this p ***** of the 20th fret, while 21 and 22 ca going well ... Srement a personal problem ... In short must eventually be stalling much above it can be done.
Q: I have a jou rplique stratum 10 balls, and I am much more comfortable on the neck, as what ... the gots, it is for everyone. No miracle, must try it!
It is heavier than a Start (it's true that with a 20kg amp and a Les Paul, there was a fitness room lends any!). Idem, you get used to, I play 2 hours later with no problem, you just have to want (it's really not a problem then!)
I put 8 because it is not gnial gnial, but hey when you buy a Les Paul, we know what to expect from any Manir!


Haem! part of its ... So I played a lot to beginners on the neck pickup for treble sounds and then finally, I find myself now play almost exclusively on the bridge pickup, where it was really a big round sound, trs hot , trs sweet, I love really, and no ropes Most recent internship screaming in my ears. But overall the two microphones are good, but compared with the finish, I find that a bit ... apche Including solos, you really have a large saturation Most recent internship frets that send sound (no no, it does not come as the guitarist?) And I am sometimes very annoyed in the middle of a beautiful solo when my acute extreme are "pouic", "pouic!"
I put 8 for sound, because it is of good quality for the price of the machine, and that the problem comes especially, I think, because with such an exemplary finish, the sound n is that "good"!


I have been using prs a year and I am fully satisfied. I think the finish is really not much inferior to most guitars Chres. In brief résumé for that price, the sound is not usurped and finishing, it is really over.
I will redeem this guitar a thousand times, I will invest in two trs ending for home burstbuckers Gibson esprant then I have the ultimate weapon in the midrange! (With 300 microphones, even when I esprer). The only difference with her older sister, by the sound, is the head branded Epiphone ...
I put 9 because for me this guitar is clearly the investment!