Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute - Worn Cherry Burst
Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute - Worn Cherry Burst

Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute - Worn Cherry Burst, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson belonging to the Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute model.

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gregzerozero 06/30/2011

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute - Worn Cherry Burst : gregzerozero's user review

" Be excellent in a few years"

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Value For Money : Excellent
Spec known, 2 P90 pickups, 2 volume and 2 tones, slim sleeve type ect .... On paper it's great.

Very disappointed with the finish, is very cheap, almost a faded, a little more color. Finish worm, for me it mean used, not lack of finishing. No gloss, no binding, ca we know but hey, little details like the wood cut down with axes, using lots of wooden parts, even parts of 2 mm wide, micro cavities that are not perpendicular to the strings .... Well I quibble but it has to be a nice "entry level" gibson, it's still the same as a scratching at 700euros, a competition was luxury for the money. I even talking about the cover less than a Fender Mexiquaine.


Who already have a Gibson Studio DC special, so with a round chambered slim body type and also, I was looking for the same comfort and so I venture to buy from Thomann in VPL. In fact, hard to find a dealer near Gibson saw the conditions they want the stores, thank you Gibson Europe: (
But since the handle and weight is similar to another I, I'm like a home with, very comfortable.
The guitar sounds great and there is no photo, it sounds Gibson.
A personality very different from high-end Epiphone (no less, different). It's nice to hear a single LP, the grain P90 could be observed but the pickups are specific to sound interesting and varied celon microphones and settings


The sounds are really good, clean to crunch the natural, a good personality while still having a touch Gibson.
It is really striking is the difference between the two microphones, and that's really good, we have a wide range of sounds, it really makes you want to play it.
It collects the effects wonders, whether the distos who are shouting or phaser or other effects. It still sounds good, either directly with the root or a supercharged effect.

Now of course the fans of metal will probably be better with a double and heavier guitar


I've had one week and have played a lot and compared to my other scrapes.

A super skyscraper, it sounds good, it looks good but cheap on the finish you look closely, compared to other Gibs

Overall it sounds for a good value for money. Once it is really a bit worn, patinated with some real signs of wear, it will be nice and forget the lack of finishing