Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute
Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute

Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 10 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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iamqman's review"Pretty cool"

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute
The Gibson Les Paul studio is a budget friendly Gibson guitar that allows the budget musician to get an extremely great sounding instrument. This is a throwback addition to the 60s Les Paul studio guitars. This features to P90 pickups which gives it that particular sound that's very different than the sound of a humbucker pickup.

These guitars are chambered to get a have a little bit of a hollow sound is not to be as rich and deep as a solid body Gibson Les Paul guitar. The neck is a 60 slimmer neck so if you played the 50s neck it's going to be a little bit sooner than that neck and not as chunky and sick. The radius is 12 inches and you have 22 frets.


Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute LTD Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

* Finish: Worn Cherry Burst, Nitrocellulose
* Top: Maple
* Back: Mahogany
* Body Type: Chambered
* Neck Species: Mahogany
* Neck Profile: '60s Slim Taper Style
* Fingerboard: Rosewood
* Frets: 22
* Radius: 12"
* Inlays: Figured Acrylic Trapezoids
* Nut: Corian, 1.695" Width
* Slots: Gibson PLEK System
* Tuners: Vintage Tuners with Pearloid Buttons, Nickel
* Tuning Ratio: 14:1
* Bridge and Tailpiece: Nashville Tune-O-Matic with Stopbar, Chrome-plated Zamak
* Knobs: Gold Top Hat with Chrome Inserts
* Pickguard: Aged Cream
* Pickups: P-90 at Neck and Bridge
* Control Plate Cover: Smoked "see through" Acrylic
* 2 Volume Controls, 300k Linear
* 2 Tone Controls, 500k Non-linear
* Toggle Switch: 3-way Switchcraft with Creme Plastic Tip
* Gig Bag Included


I really like the color of this guitar primarily because of the warned honey sunburst that it has. It looks very vintage and just has a classic look to it. The P90 pick up is pretty good and if you are into the P90 pick ups then you're really going to dig this guitar. It has a full tone even know it is chambered so it's going to be a great guitar especially for the price. It is good to be a particular sound is to be different than a Gibson Les Paul that has home bikers install. So be prepared to sound different than any other Les Paul that/or Jimmy page would play.


At new you can find guitars for right around $850 which is a steal the price if you ask me. It's a great introduction into the Gibson family so at this price it's a pretty good pick up. So I would recommend this to anyone looking to get a solid sounding Gibson Les Paul at a great price. Plus of you need a P90 guitar then this isn't a lot of money to update your guitar collection.

arcadien62's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" sublime"

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute
manufacturing us.achetée worn ebony finish, satin black hood and micro veilli.Magnifique.plaque creme.2 P90


handle excellent, very easy to play, the optimal setting. Fairly light guitar with tone chambers.
sound! sublime! the neck pickup! gives a staggering array with the modulation of tonalité.J have had one standard, one of the classique.Le its top touching one touching it.


I play blues, rock.Jouer Cortez the killer .., we come to approach the feel of Neil (stay low) with the versatility and staggering array of P90 and the excellent quality of electronics and fine sensitivity tones.


One of the best LP of all categories at a price staggering.
10 + rating

Zedop's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Stunning!"

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute
Gibson Limited Edition Made in Nashville, United States.
Bridge classic LP.
Channel 60's strong, which differentiates it from the limited edition 50's equipped with a pickaxe handle!
22 frets, 2 P90 pickups.
2 volume knobs and 2 tone.


Handle very nice to my hand, not as big C handles some guitar.
Guitar very light for a LP (chambered solid body). Access to acute perfect.
Its very warm.


The sound is well suited to my practice blues / rock. So far, I played rather Fender, but then I'm amazed. The sound is very hot, even in the neck position. Perfect for blues and rock.
Plugged into my Hot Rod Deluxe with a few distortion pedals (or Jacques OCD) is the greatest happiness!
All positions selector can be used.


I use it for one week then. For years, I was looking for a Gibson LP that does not cost me € 2500, which sounds and which takes the agreement. Here I have used! Quality / price ratio for those who love great blues and rock a little vintage. Not ideal if you love metal on the other hand.
It really comes fully complete my range (Start, Telecaster, Sheraton).
With experience, this choice I would do without hesitation.
What I like most: sound, look very nice, light weight for an LP, the price, the handle
What I like least: I'm still looking ...

onelittlejog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" One of the most friendly studio Goldtop!"

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute

Name: Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute
Category: solidbody electric guitar
Series: The United States Paul Nashville Limited Run
Origin: United States
Body: Mahogany with tonal rooms
Top: carved maple not shown (plain top)
Neck: glued-in Mahogany Quarter Sawn
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Profile Handle: '60s Slim Taper '
Joint body / sleeve: Mortise & Tenon
Frets: 22 Medium Jumbo
Scale: 2475 "
Radius: 12 "
Nut width: 1695 "- 43.05 mm
Nut: Corian (acrylic polymer), notch positioned Plek Technology
Bridge pickup: Gibson single coil P-90
Neck pickup: Gibson single coil P-90
Controls: 1 volume microphone, a micro tone, 3-position selector
Electronics: Volume Linear potentiometers 300k, 500k Non-linear Tone - Switchcraft jack
Bridge: Gibson Tun-o-matic in Chrome Plated Zamak
Tailpiece: Gibson Stopbar Zamak Chrome Plated
Tuners: Vintage Gibson Tuners Perloid Buttons, 14:1 ratio, nickel
Colours: Worn Gold Top, Worn Honey Burst, Heritage Cherry Sunburst Worn, Worn Ebony, Worn White
Verni: satin nitrocellulose
Adhesive: Franklin Titebond 50
Accessories: bag delivered Gibson
Strings of origin: 010 - .046, Genuine Gibson strings
Supplier reference: LPST60WGCH1


Channel thinner than on a 50 'tribute, very well for my hands (I'm not bad on my galley lespaul standart or the handle is larger).
The quality of the rosewood fingerboard, pearl and is well (no traces of glue, wood of good quality)
The back of the handle on my slides unless lespaul standart in the palm of the hand, probably had the varnish is a satin nitrocellulose on this one, but it's still a race of very good quality.

The body is in 3 parts on mine (I read that some were in two parts). It is very well done and very quiet (we do note that if you had a look closely, and if one is not novice.)
The body-chamber hollow tone that is in part (under the table) returns to vibrations during the game, with a light amplifier, for example ... it's excellent, and makes the guitar much lighter than a body full.
To be continued ...


to follow


to follow

Ptosh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute
Made in United States
bridge and tailpiece Tune-O-Matic - Stopbar

slim sleeve type 60
22 frets
p-90 pickups
2 volumes, 2 tones

the woods are beautiful (to the eye anyway)
the settings are the original nickel
the hardware is quality
and electronics.

I note that the "room" is not so great that I see it reeks on some forum. We see clearly the back that the body is in 2 parts, one part is 2 / 3 of the body and is full (well, less electronics), the room is in the last third is usually where the hearing in F ( as an example .... Fender Thinline) For me realize that I tap the body with my nail and I can not hear or penne is the cavity.

Every time, the welds are not beautiful and
nitro varnish / faded extremely fragile and not hit very well finished in the blanks (unlike my Start or my Hagstrom), but the frets are impeccable
Finally, if it is cheap compared to other gibson is because the minimum finish, no binding on the body or on the handle, no gloss, no inlay on the head ....

quality finish but roots .... which explains its price .. I want to say "no scam for so ..."


The handle is excellent but like I said, the settings are good so it makes sense that I find comfort handle well ... He is thin and short (yes this is my first so I Gibs compare this to my Fender Start).

It is light, so it's easier to have borne the angles brittle.
but a chamfer stomach would have been nice ...

access is acute is worse than stratum (or a different form me can be destabilizing ...) but sufficient for my game


His side .... bha I wanted p-90 limited edition so this is timely for my purse ...

I play mostly reggae, rock "classic" or the blues.
These microphones are ideal for registry because it requires or the clean or overdrive.

So with regard to the amp, you need lights ... because I had the opportunity to play on a transo (a very decent h & k 60 blue edition that captures honor my strat yet) and the unique sound of p-90 is completely obscured ... settings can be ... brief .... 15w lamp on my store ;-) it's all good, it's very terrible, for where the tone controls on guitars are questionable (not very effective on mid-range guitars I've had in the hands so far all brands, it eats too much treble), here we sculpt his sound without losing quality, and finally a scratch where I can use the tones! one passes easily from the Jazz to a crunch sound / solid hit with nothing more than the knobs .... I'm a fan!

* A little less even when the background noise of microphone ...


This is a great guitar.

In the same price range and in the same spirit (I speak but no sound economic principle) Fender Stratocaster classic player offers the 60 (I own too). Gibs here is less flashy but it seems to be of higher quality. the woods are more beautiful on the gibs and the electronics are well above the original settings are perfect on the gibs and a real calamity on the Start ... that said I love the sound and comfort (now set for my taste) of the Start ... I had the two guitars!

I'm a fan of the stratum .... but I must admit that this cost for the same price Gibs is better! She no fault of the lens slightly

gregzerozero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Be excellent in a few years"

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute
Spec known, 2 P90 pickups, 2 volume and 2 tones, slim sleeve type ect .... On paper it's great.

Very disappointed with the finish, is very cheap, almost a faded, a little more color. Finish worm, for me it mean used, not lack of finishing. No gloss, no binding, ca we know but hey, little details like the wood cut down with axes, using lots of wooden parts, even parts of 2 mm wide, micro cavities that are not perpendicular to the strings .... Well I quibble but it has to be a nice "entry level" gibson, it's still the same as a scratching at 700euros, a competition was luxury for the money. I even talking about the cover less than a Fender Mexiquaine.


Who already have a Gibson Studio DC special, so with a round chambered slim body type and also, I was looking for the same comfort and so I venture to buy from Thomann in VPL. In fact, hard to find a dealer near Gibson saw the conditions they want the stores, thank you Gibson Europe: (
But since the handle and weight is similar to another I, I'm like a home with, very comfortable.
The guitar sounds great and there is no photo, it sounds Gibson.
A personality very different from high-end Epiphone (no less, different). It's nice to hear a single LP, the grain P90 could be observed but the pickups are specific to sound interesting and varied celon microphones and settings


The sounds are really good, clean to crunch the natural, a good personality while still having a touch Gibson.
It is really striking is the difference between the two microphones, and that's really good, we have a wide range of sounds, it really makes you want to play it.
It collects the effects wonders, whether the distos who are shouting or phaser or other effects. It still sounds good, either directly with the root or a supercharged effect.

Now of course the fans of metal will probably be better with a double and heavier guitar


I've had one week and have played a lot and compared to my other scrapes.

A super skyscraper, it sounds good, it looks good but cheap on the finish you look closely, compared to other Gibs

Overall it sounds for a good value for money. Once it is really a bit worn, patinated with some real signs of wear, it will be nice and forget the lack of finishing

jozz54's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good compromise between price / dream / quality"

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute
For features, I'll be brief, first is the classic, second the other reviews detail:
Gibson Les Paul, Made in USA, config LP (2 pickups, 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-position selector.
Channel 60's: very nice in hand,''no sensation''buche, but that's not all end!

Obviously the special tribute to the series (beyond the paint, body''chambered''), it is the P90 pickups and that's what decided me.

For characteristics: it is exactly what I wanted, and it was not the case, I will not get it bought! So: 10/10


The handle is very nice, very easy access to the 17th box, and far from impossible until the 20th (I was expecting much worse!)

She is not heavy (confusing for a Les Paul), my back said thank you. The sustain is against him by a little below, I believe it, but it is not shocking, it is well above my strata, a Parisienne Walkways''''No password impeccable ;-) fatigue special to play with 2-3 hours, so it's cool.

The quality of manufacture and adjustment of the guitar are delivered impeccable: right race, action perfectly adjusted intonation almost perfect (I quibble) the varnish is very thin, but compared to my Fender Stratocaster (Mexico) I really like the feel Wood''''

Finishing on the side of the frets is somewhere between''correct''and''good'': I have nothing particular to blame, but even if nothing HOOK, I have a slight discomfort during slide a little sharp ... Nothing serious, no injuries of note and it's really to nitpick!

For the sound, see next chapter

So in use, a 7 / 10, my Squier is lighter, easier access (high) ...


Sounds good, either people like it or not.

Let me explain: it's been 5-6 years that I play, and after playing on double (gfs EVH), simple (Fender Start MIM deluxe player), I was looking for the powerful dual listed with the aggressive / roots simple: the P90 was an obvious choice!

I play Blues / Boogie / Rock / Garage for reference Jack White / ZZ Top / Led Zeppelin. I play on various amps (a small Kustom 12 gauge, a Blackstar HT5, a Bogner Alchemist ...) with various effects (TS-like, big muff, wah, vibe).

the p90 is wonderful, more powerful and aggressive than my strat simple, less round et''warm''my EVH GFS mounted on my old Squier, they are wonderful in rock, punk, garage: a machine to crunch. clean sounds are not to be outdone, the microphone produces attractive serious jazz tunes (by lowering the volume a bit)

I repeat, but the crunch (very light kind of the intro to the barn,''''a good crunch ACDCien) is really his favorite.

These P90, however the lack of quality: the level of output! they are quite exclusive, clear sound is of far less flattering than my strat (although turning down the volume, it is playable), I lose so the strat my versatile side to win (which he lacked Start my) personality!

Note: I have no noise ... but I very rarely venturing on the grounds of the large distortion! I Cordial cables that are doing their taf ...

a 9 / 10 because it's really the sound I wanted, but it remains exclusive!


Let me be clear: I always wanted a Gibson, that's a Les Paul or SG, so my opinion is not purely objective.

Tribute series are a great opportunity for me: price, especially with the P90 (which microphones given my game a few years now seem most suitable for my style) is very attractive and concessions over a standart are very acceptable.

Before you buy it (without being able to try it, it was a bluff, but with 30 days warranty Thomann, not too many risks ...) I tried a Fender Jim Adkins (semi-hollow tele- body with set neck and 2 P90) and p90 with 3 blues st ... No regrets for my final choice ...

I've had it one month now, I play every day.

What I prefer: the crunch of his P90!

What I like least: the frets that should be a chouille finishing more (it's really to find fault, they are really good ... but not perfect ;-))

I would do this election? Certainly, but with a slight hesitation with the SG of the same series ...

I am delighted therefore 8 / 10, it's really good!

Maxairboue's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Shovel fun!"

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute
Gibson USA for the guitar. 2 Micro P90 USA. 2 "pot" tone ". 2 volumes. A 3-position selector.
Channel "Slim" longer than the end of the 50's, type Les Paul Standard 60s.
5 finishes "classics" including The Goldtop (which I missed!)
Fund has rooms (internes!), is lighter and sounds change.
Beautiful antique finish with some signs of wear here and there.
Beautiful Vintage mechanical. The finish on mine is almost perfect. Rosewood fingerboard.


Handle very good although I have no reference Gibson. The handle slides well and is close to my sound, nothing to do with my Fender Stratocaster. Compromise that I find ideal.
the potentiometer respond well, she has all the characteristics of the Les Paul and is a real plus!


So there ... but happiness!
The sound on my little CHAMPION 600 are delightful!
The bass are hot and bold, midrange and treble are jazzy flapping drool just right.
The crunch sounds are favored on the bass and clean mids and the treble.
Sounds Blues, Rock, Blues rock to old are super effective.
PS: unlike the first review, and although the forum mentioned his concerns with microphones, I have very little noise (better cable?)


I've had 10 days and finally I found the sound I was looking for and the compromise of ideal playability. All at a reasonable price.
For the comfort of game it is very subjective, I am always delighted with my Stratocaster Classic Player 60's but the two are so complementary.
For the character and this must be due to both the Les Paul in its P90, I much prefer the Les Paul.
This anachronism (Studio LP released in 1983 with P90 used in 1957) is my best and shovel away.
And at this price (I also have a very good Epiphone ES 335 BB King), it ranks far above in terms of finish Epiphone and many other more expensive Gibson Les Paul)
It is already a collector (I think), so much so that I just ordered 50'S in Goldtop with Humbuckers.

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Fine achievement, providing essential micro without interference"

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute
I've had it a week, honey burst finish splendid. I also recently a faded worn brown, and I did not want the same thing while remaining within the very roots. Have used!

Accastillage same, ditto wood used, which also alleviates body happiness.
Frets on tribute best finished, almost perfect.

Electron tribute to the former, not print here or pin connectors. No armor, for that matter but with single coils is not beneficial in practice because this parasite adonf ...

Very well made, solid feel obvious.
Compared to the faded handle here is less round, the profile is slim type, the difference is clear but not pass from a tele ibanez rg eh we remain in the same feeling.
The faded sounds a bit more direct and stronger vacuum is not looking for the extra mass of the neck profile 50s ...
In the kind of course that's great, plus it's true!


Physically it's great, Lester Polfus was not a lame do so.
The selector m'enquiquine, Zaur could put it elsewhere, but the original, so I quit.
Access ozégu is standard, I like to have sth in the legs, it's clear that my race row is better to do pirouettes techniques.

Good sound, yes and no, must adjust the height of the microphones that this story is not too high output.
In fact, Zonta mounted komalépok twice the same so it's far from optimal, but here it is for me to adapt myself to it's original, so respect.


Good, sound, compared to my rough it faded with a pearl in super serious and less in the middle. In acute is less convincing because quite dry and especially delicate.
So we'll play clean in serious crunch in the middle and distal generous acute, and there is quite frankly a vamp.
Except that the noise breaks all records! Unbelievable but ultimately logical, large coils equal big noise sensors, and microphones are the same as no effect humbucker possible.
Already clean it annoying (much more than the faded micro serious split alone so simple), in a little more crunch (but the game makes it more fair), and lead is the madness!
And this at home on any smooth clean vox AC15 via digitech RP70 rule to ptizoignons noise gate and everything. I dare not imagine the racket in a group situation or worse, live ... Not go!

Digitech genesis headphones via VT999 Bébert one and I can position myself as I want and the noise almost completely disappears, and the sound is beautiful stereo wow. We can imagine for great quality recordings with this guitar.

For my taste the sound is too fat bass / clean, well balanced in the middle (but lack of sharpness), and in great big distortion on the treble.
In the middle is great for clean rhythm or gypsy funk, acute by clean I see no cons. The serious distortion is greedy and enjoyable in solo as always defined, and pearl.

Given the age of the design is very good for pests we were warned eh ...


I prefer this profile at the faded 50s, he did forget. The satin finish is warm to the skin is nice. This is not the same as the faded, leaving the pores of the wood really breathe, and I prefer.

Frankly, a great deal at this price, for 80 euros you have the choice between minihumbucker gibson (very smoothly) or virtual p90 DiMarzio, and there is concern over the noise.
As such it holds the record for the loudest guitar I have ever had, even the baja tele regatta not ...

Looks like it's all or nothing at gigi, the faded is not a parasite and it max.
I wonder how did the jazzmen to support p90 elsewhere.

I would do without hesitation that choice, a very good deal!

aldejerph's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Killer guitar!"

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute
What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)?
Stop bar

How many frets?

What type of microphones?
the p-90

2 volumes (one for mic) and 2 tones (1 micro) and a 3 position selector (neck, hybrid bridge)


The handle is it nice?
Yes, a real highway notes.

Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?
Yes! I have often heard that the nickname of Les Paul is "The Log" ie "the log" because of its weight. For my part too agree on this point here. I have an epiphone sheraton example which is much heavier.

Access to acute (last string) Is it easy?
Not especially. I think that's where all the LP

Do you get a good sound easy? ...
Yes! Epu a particular sound (P-90 single coil so) but oh so effective.


Are they suitable for your style of music
Yes! It is ideal to play rock. It may be not only suitable for metal, but it's not my problem.

With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
Mainly amp simulator.


For how long have you been using it?
One week

What is your opinion about the value for the price?
Excellent, at 800 € a Gibson with P-90, I'm very satisfied

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
Yes yes and yes again!