EVH Wolfgang Special
EVH Wolfgang Special

Wolfgang Special, LP-Shaped Guitar from EVH in the Wolfgang Special Series series.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 7 reviews )
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King Loudness08/10/2011

King Loudness's review"Cool, but inconsistent"

EVH Wolfgang Special
The EVH Wolfgang Special was designed by Edward Van Halen and the team at Fender to bring a lower priced Wolfgang to market that offered all of the great feel and tone of the $3,000 American made model, but at a price point that the younger generation such as myself could afford. This model streets at about $1,300 and is made in Japan. It features a basswood body with maple top, maple neck with 22 vintage style frets, two EVH humbuckers, a locking tremolo system with D Tuna and a set of Gotoh 3 on a side tuners. Here is the full list of specs:

EVH Wolfgang Special Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:
Body: Basswood with Maple veneer top
Neck: Quartersawn maple
Fingerboard: AA birdseye maple; compound radius - 12" to 16"
No. of frets: 22; Vintage Style
Scale length: 25.5"
Nut width: 1-5/8"
Hardware: Chrome
Tuning keys: EVH-branded Gotoh tuning machines
Bridge: EVH-branded Floyd Rose locking tremolo with EVH D-Tuna
Pickups: Two EVH humbuckers, hard-mounted
Pickup switching: 3-way switch
Controls: Bourns low-friction pots (1x250k, 1x500k)
Case: SKB case with molded stripes


I've always liked the design of the Wolfgang, and this special is no exception. The general feel of the Wolfies that Ed has released over the years has always worked well with me. I actually slightly prefer the flat top models to the carved top ones, so that's a plus that the Japanese ones have over the USA models for sure. The design is definitely ergonomic. The guitars aren't featherweight, but they are light enough that it's comfortable to play and hold for extended periods. Checking out a few different ones showed that the weight really didn't vary much from guitar to guitar which was good. The upper fret access on these guitars is great as well, no real issues for me there.

Getting a good sound out of these guitars is not difficult... when you find a good one. I've tried a few of them and they're wildly inconsistent in how they sound. The best of the bunch was a black one that had that KILLER brown sound on the bridge pickup... but the neck pickup didn't work. The other two I tried seemed progressively muddier and weaker sounding and didn't have any of the even order harmonics that I so love about Van Halen's tone. Oh well, c'est la vie I suppose.


I've tried these guitars through mostly British voiced high gainer amps overall. The clean tones are decent enough out of these guitars. They aren't nearly as nice as many other guitars, but there's a promising sparkle that's hidden in there that can be coaxed out with the right settings and the right amplifier. The neck pickup has some good jazzier flavours and (in the right setting) the bridge pickup can get some twang for country chickin' pickin'. However, the point of these guitars for myself and nearly every other user is to get some raunch on the go. When these guitars are on, they do not disappoint. The best of the MIJ Wolfgang's I've tried had a very spongy feel that gave the tone a nice brown sound type sag, almost as though a variac was dimming the amp's voltage a-la Ed. However, too many of the ones I've tried have had a bit of a muddy characteristic to the tone and pickups... so I have to question their QC and consistency at this factory. When they're on they're great but you may have to play a few to get there.


All in all the EVH Wolfgang Special is a great guitar for someone who wants that great Van Halen rock tone on a budget. They're still not cheap guitars at about $1,300 new, but if you find one that sounds and feels right to you, snag it. I've tried a few and they don't always feel/sound right, but when they do, there's not much that will top it in that particular price point.

Oh yeah, it also comes with a really awesome SKB striped case... how cool is that?

vinz115's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EVH Wolfgang Special
There are several Wolfgang mine is a Made In Japan.

The finish not change a bad model to another in what I've seen here and even within a single production unit. So mine has a key bird eye rather loaded and the neck is flamed, you can not see the table (very fine) maple because it is painted black.

For basic feature (pitch microphones etc) all said I think in prior reviews.

There is no bevel to the forearm or back to accommodate the body of the guitar and the top is flat unlike the US models. This is important because the floyd is on the table and can not go beyond a certain point .... logic.


I love this guitar! The handle and the distance between the strings over the frets vintage gives it a very particular that all will not like feeling.

On the first frets it seems a good vintage Tele neck but the closer you get the higher frets over the handle becomes suitable Shred flatter.

The body is not welcoming but the guitar is super light and adorned tiny.

I wish to make a private conversation when I had the new skyscraper .... it was ABSOLUTELY not set anything ..... shit .... alignment string to the handle for example I'm not going to list it would be too long a time, but all I really set a low action, like a skyscraper that agreement after the worst Dive Bomb nikel!


A guitar to rock, the spirit of its EVH even in the detail! and it does not stop at the reverse switch ....

An example: I was surprised to have a neck pickup that sounds louder than the bridge, and curiosity pushed me to measure the pickups I found 14K for the bridge and 14.6 for the handle ... I was intrigued and after research on US forums I found that it was voluntary as EVH making these guitars ..... and saw that the pickups are referred to the body and that in practice it works well why no.
So its clear the position for me is that of mileu and I find the sound rather slamming the somewhat deaf to the clear neck pickup position not only for me for leads in satu .... and I find overkill and bassy !

This guitar definitely has character!


Super scratch! Yes I've already said I really like it I think it is less than the US mole just by the table ... any place but Japan although longer manufactured are really not bad for the price!

Another detail: The handle is plain for maintenance just a little soapy water on a cloth (not wet the handle Heins!) And avoid playing with ropes too oxidized and it will keep a gorgeous look in time for the handle This guitar is awesome!

ramspi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" perfect"

EVH Wolfgang Special
made in japan, pink Flyd


round super nice, small but to be precise it is not a handle forgive a mistake.


rock style us, metal and rock


1 year
best value for money, Ibanez and others can get dressed.
on the other hand must be tamed, it is a mixture of rustic and modern.

mrik80's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EVH Wolfgang Special
Basswood body
Table in maple veneer
Piece maple neck quatershawn
Maple fingerboard "birds eye"
Scale: 648mm
Width at Nut: 41mm
22 frets Vintage (small frets)
Switch 3 position type "Lespaul" inverted
2 humbucker EVH
EVH Floyd Rose tremolo with built-tuna
EVH chrome Gotoh mechanical with pearl buttons
Hard Case SKB EVH
made in Japan by factories and distributed by jackson fender


The handle is it enjoyable? Of all good, a mix between a strat neck and ibanez. Rather thin, flat and small, as saying the handle promotes fast play and rhytmiques equally nice with a beautiful flecked appearance.

Access to acute (recent freight) is it easy? Nothing hinders access to the latest frets and bends are not difficult. (To see for small hands)

Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)? Necessarily mean that less light guitar ibanez saber but enough so that the weight does not make it feel too, forms tightly fitting body. You can play like crazy with floyd and nothing moves, the tuning is very stable.


I play many different styles and the guitar is pretty versatile while keeping its well-typed.
I plug it into an amp Peavey Classic VTX (1980) and no doubt the plug on an old peavey tube like mine or a fender and found the famous brown sound of EVH. Paradise! I also tested on a ENGL all lamps and the sound was not bad at all.
As for sounds, there was a mixture Fender / Gibson and good resonance. A wide range of options is available with the pickups and switch positions. We spend the fat in a clean and slamming to a distortion in the treble well detached.

Just one thing we must manage its settings the bridge pickup is loaded into acute and can easily become garish.


Bought recently without really trying, but no disappointment undoubtedly a very good choice.
I tried many models ibanez prestige and premium fender.

Most? Versatility microphones, sustain, and held floyd agree, the handle, the sunburst finish very pleasing to the eye, the knobs volume and tone and finally the bar trusroad directly accessible at the bottom of the handle without having to relax the strings.
The least? The guitar does not forgive errors game (this is a blessing in disguise) and height not adjustable microphones.

Both say report quality / price, my store vendors have struggled to believe it!
Fly box with a very classy bonus. A choice as it looks.

luke67's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

EVH Wolfgang Special
I recently, this is a U.S. really is the ball I exchanged against a VA Steve L with a Peavey Floyd
Handle almost as good as my Luke 1 for riding comfort, but the grip is all the same great fastoche
Bird in eyes oiled


Round tip top
weight laughable compared to Gibson
The access aus acute butter
sound aggressive
c focus is the U.S. version dsl


I am surprised by the possibility of clear sound despite the double H
not talking about the saturation is VH


Two for me and I was dead kiffe
the peti handle and body, beauty and finish Gold Top
My Gibson has trouble hang in sounds
I really advise
This is a good first shot of the attention is particularly was neat.

dave-77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good buy"

EVH Wolfgang Special
Basswood body
Table in maple veneer
Maple neck
Key birdseye maple
Scale: 648mm
Width at Nut: 41mm
22 frets Vintage
2 humbucker thomann EVH Custom Designed
EVH Floyd Rose tremolo
EVH chrome Gotoh mechanical with pearl buttons
3-position selector
Hard Case SKB EVH
made in Japan by jackson plants it seems


the handle is nice that it is great that it is narrower handle ibz or MM, 43 and 41mm against AC feel, it is not thick, a little less that one ibz a fender that looks like it was run made for my hand like my petrucci.
size the frets are pokey compared to what that may be in competition but it slides alone until the end of the handle no worries.
it lacks two boxes for my taste.
floyd the is not really stuck on the table we can pull back a 1 ton remains perfectly in place and the strings back up without problems.
the guitar is light but not a beautiful finish falling down either.
j went dTUNER forget it works very well just a bit boring but as a set I m ​​not used I have uninstalled.


microphones are signatures evh,
j not have loved more than I ca find a little raplapla when I compare the tone zone, petrucci and evolutions.
they have a very good sound definition dégeule ca c is not clean not like some but they are not done to the metal.
if not they fulfill their roles very well.


I've had a few days and I do not regret j got a good twenty shovel mid-range to high-end and c is one of the best run and c sorry but what bothers me the most in a shovel.
except pickups and still it gives a lil more compared to my other guitars.
and say that initially I were tempted by its handle my sandimas but immediately put off and I thought that with the evh we paid particular name and it is not super j not imagine us version.

ps: Notes are based relative to the same price range

ramspi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent"

EVH Wolfgang Special
I will give my opinion and not need more French translator
made in Japan, real floyd rose, two EVH humbucker.


small round brilliant, I have a custom shop Stratocaster, maple neck, fender parentage is obvious.


guitar that makes the red ball in saturation but also beautiful clean sounds


4 months, I was looking for the best value in its price range, and frankly there is no picture, the top, a guitar that sounds empty, smelling feeling, excellent.