Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews for the Epiphone Les Paul Standard

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 67 reviews )
 31 reviews46 %
 27 reviews40 %
 7 reviews10 %
 2 reviews3 %
Audience: Beginners
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Steve_Boudreaux's review"Replace The Pickups, And This Guitar Is As Good As A Les Paul Gets- Bar NONE"

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Don't believe those who say the Epiphone Les Paul is not top-notch, or nearly so- the only thing that disappoints are the pickups, and even they are decent. I upgraded the pups to Gibson Burstbucker Pro's- nothing else was needed. I upgraded the tuners, but only because I had a set of Gibson bell-knob tuners that looked cooler- the original Grover tuners (branded, not copies) were as good as the ones I put on. I decided to wait to see how the pots, switch, caps and wiring, and the nut, performed, and now, three years later, with considerable play, they are all working just fine.

Don't let anyone tell you Agile, SX, or anybody else's LP is better- it just is not so. If these were not made in Indonesia, they would be perfect.


Exact copy of the Gibson Les Paul in body and neck shape- easy to play, if a bit heavy.


Works fine with any amp I have played it with.


Black, ivory and chrome color scheme avoids glitch and flash. This is what a Les Paul should look like.

tjon901's review"Official Les Paul copy"

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Epiphone is Gibsons lower price line of guitar. They have pretty much the same specs as the Gibson models. The electronics are not as good but they are made from the species of wood but the wood may not be the best quality. The Les Paul standard guitar was introduced in 1958. They came with the first PAF pickups and when people talk about the Gibson tone they are talking about these. They have the standard Les Paul setup with mahogany body with a maple top and a mahogany neck with a 22 fret rosewood fretboard. Two humbucking Alnico Classic pickups with dual volume and tone controls with a 3 way toggle switch pickup selector. The up position on the switch selects the neck pickup. The middle position on the pickup selector selects both pickups. And the down position on the pickup selector selects the bridge pickup. It has a tune-o-matic bridge and stop tail piece.


The Epiphone Les Paul standard has all of the same advantages and disadvantages in playability that every Les Paul has. If you are use to modern guitars with thin necks the Les Paul neck will be very big for you. Because of the set neck design there is a large neck tenon and joint. This can make the upper frets hard for some people to reach because the body essentially joins the neck at the 17th fret. After the 17th fret you are reaching around the body to get to the frets. The tuning stability is good because there is no tremolo. The quality of hardware Epiphone uses is not that great. I have had problems with the input jack unscrewing itself and things like that.


The pickups Epiphone uses are not that great. They are pretty muddy and dead. You do not get much attack with these pickups. Since these pickups do not have much definition the neck position can get really muddy. These guitars are chambered like the Gibson Les Paul standard guitars. This takes away some of the thickness from the tone. With a high gain amp the sound might get muddy due to the lack of definition. With some types of music these pickups are great. If you want a bluesy sound these pickups will do really good and you will be able to get a smooth tone out of them. With a pickup swap this guitar can sound great so I would recommend to anyone who has one of these Epiphones to try it out with some after market pickups.


If you are looking for a cheap Gibson Les Paul alternative there are better guitars out there. Epiphone makes the only official Les Paul copies but there are some other copies that are of a lot better quality. I would recommend looking at an Agile Les Paul copy. You can get a guitar half the price of the Epiphone but with better quality, and for the price you pay for this Epiphone you can get an Agile with an ebony fretboard and Gibson quality hardware.
King Loudness05/06/2011

King Loudness's review"A reasonable LP facsimile "

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
The Epiphone Les Paul Standard was made to act as a lower budget version of the classic Gibson Les Paul Standard. It features all of the classic appointments of the LP, such as a mahogany body and neck, flamed maple top, dual humbuckers, and a tuneomatic bridge and stop tailpiece. The full list of specs is as follows:

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain Top Electric Guitar Features:
Mahogany body
Maple veneer over carved top
Alnico Classic humbuckers
Chrome hardware
Grover tuners
24-3/4" scale
1-11/16" nut width
Set mahogany neck
Slim-tapered neck profile
Rosewood fretboard with trapezoid inlays
Body/neck binding
LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge/stopbar tailpiece

Basically, it's designed to be a classic Les Paul, but at about 1/4 the price... does it live up to the hype? We'll see...


Design wise, the Les Paul was never the most ergonomic guitar on the planet, and this Epiphone model is no exception. The Epiphone model, like the 2008 model Gibson LP Standard, features chambered construction so it's lighter than your average LP, but as I stated in my LP Standard review, the cost of a lighter wait is a thinner/un LP like tone in my opinion. The upper fret access on Les Pauls is decent enough, though the neck heel can get in the way on occasion.

Getting a decent tone out of this guitar is not difficult. Like nearly every Epiphone guitar I've tried, it's plagued with muddy, cheap sounding pickups that lack note definition, so the tones as stock are not even close to my Gibson LP that is loaded with '57 Classics. However, I have tried models that have had replaced pickups, and it does greatly improve the tone of the guitar plugged in.


I've tried these guitars through various Marshall and Mesa Boogie amplifiers, both in stock and modified form. I would say the tones are reasonable enough when you consider the price they sell for new. O

The clean tones are fair enough when set up correctly. The pickups lack a lot of the punch of some higher quality models from Gibson, DiMarzio or Seymour Duncan, but even considering that, the cleans have a decent low end and midrange tone that's excellent for jazzy and bluesy tones.

The overdrive tones are nice for the guitar for sure. It seems to excel at seventies/eighties arena type hard rock. The guitar isn't quite as dynamic as my Gibson LP, so using the volume and tone controls really don't do quite as much as I might like.

All in all, the stock tones really are average at best. It improves greatly if you upgrade the pickups, but that's an additional expense to consider when buying...


All in all I figure the Epiphone Les Paul Standard is a decent lower budget guitar for someone who really wants to be the next Jimmy Page or Slash, but is on a budget. The construction of the guitar is fine and it plays fairly well... but the electronics are simply just not up to par. Personally, if I was spending $600 on a flamed top Epiphone LP Standard and then an additional $150 or $200 on pickups/electronics... I would simply put my money into a second hand Gibson Les Paul Studio or Studio Faded, which to me is a far superior instrument and will hold its value far better than an Epiphone.

killerkgprime's review

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
The Epi standard is made in Korea. The 2 vol and 2 tone controls allow for easy tone variation at your fingertips.

Mahogany body with a thick maple cap
thick mahogany neck
rosewood board with 22 meduim jumbo frets
stoptail/tune-o-matic bridge


I'm more of a strat guy, so LP's have never had the best upper fret acess for me. The coupling of a beefy neck defineily hinders speed on an LP neck, but that doesn't mean it can't be done, just look at John Sykes!

The lack of comfort cuts might bother players more comfortable with strats, but that's also part of an LP's charm, that large mass of wood.

Although I've played many LP's that didn't sound or play that great, one thing that you can be sure of is that an LP will sound big, and have a low mid emphasis, just because of the wood mass and body/neck construction.

My Epi is about 9 lbs. Pretty hefty!


I go for a Marshally, Modded Plexi type tone with most of my guitars, but I find that my Epi performs better under lower gain settings, where the fat LP tone can take over.

The pickups are OK. Nothing spectacular about them, but at the same time, they aren't horrible. The bridge delivers on 70s hard rock ala Thin lizzy, but it get's muddy under high gain applications. The neck is a bit better for that, but it still tends to have too much lows. Cleans are quite warm, if a bit characterless, and safe.


An Epi LP is a good introduction to Les Pauls, if you're on a budget. With a good setup, and new pickups, you can definetly find keepers, unfortuantely mine was not one of them. One of the best LP's I've ever played was a Zakk Wyled sig, though, so it can be done at a lower price point.

moosers's review

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
The Epiphone Les Paul Standard is a nice take on the classic LP guitar, under the Epiphone name and aimed at those who might not be able to afford a Gibson Les Paul. It’s got all of the same features and make up that you’ll find on a Gibson Les Paul Standard, but it’s made of lesser parts and I don’t believe it’s made in America. The guitar has dual humbucker pick ups, each with their own independent volume and tone controls and a three way selector switch for choosing between the pick ups or blending the two of them together. This is a pretty standard electric guitar configuration, which the Les Paul has impacted no doubt. I don’t really know what kinds of woods this guitar is made out of, but it doesn’t feel incredibly cheap unless you compare it directly to a Gibson LP.


Playing the Epiphone Les Paul Standard is no trouble at all. The neck is pretty round as you’ll find with most Les Pauls, although I can’t say that this one feels as fluid as a Gibson Les Paul in my opinion. Controlling your sound with the pick ups is really easy, as anyone who has ever had an electric guitar should be able to use this no problem. I don’t think that a manual is necessary for this guitar, although I haven’t seen one myself.


The Epiphone Les Paul Standard absolutely has the sound of a true Les Paul. I haven’t had a chance to shoot out this guitar and a Gibson Les Paul, as it’s been a while since I’ve played this guitar. A friend of mine that I grew up playing up with has this guitar, so it was always around and I was always playing it, but never really did any recording with it. It’s certainly going to give you that creamy Les Paul sound, which anyone who has ever used one before will tell you works incredibly well for both rhythm and lead parts. I’d be curious to see how the sound of this stacked up against a Gibson Les Paul Standard, but from what I can tell it’s going to be closer than you think.


The Epiphone Les Paul Standard is a great way for beginning and intermediate guitar players to get a great axe at a great price. If you’ve only been playing a short while and are looking for a guitar to bring you up a notch without having to spend the money it would take to get a full on Gibson, the Epiphone Les Paul Standard is the perfect guitar. While some will say that this is cheaply made and all that, which I guess it is compared to the Gibson version, this is no doubt a bona fide electric guitar.

MGR/Voxguitarist30's review"Epiphone Les Paul Standard Quilted Top"

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
I love my Epiphone Les Paul Standard Quilted Top, its looks will shred you before the sound will!I got the Epi because it would fit in my small budget and still give me that phat, deep sound i wanted. Bought it at Mars Music for $400.

I absolutely love my epi. No guitar is perfect, but this one isn't that far behind. The finish I chose was a dark red quilt, almost blood red in colour. The body is solidas a brick (a good 10+pounder) and the sound is very good for "Gibson-Designed" humbuckers. The fact that it is a Limited Edition also urged me to get this guitar.

Above I did mention the pickups were good, but i think that i can do better with some custom pickups I'll get in the near future. Im considering a set of open coil PRS specials or maybe some Emg's. Aside from tune ups, every small probelm I have had has been under warrantee. When I first purchase the guitar I had a bad pot for the 3 way switch, so i had it replaced with a Gibson one from Mars; no charge. Along with the new pot the guy at Mars also fixed the setup, lowered the action by a hair, and waxed the guitar. More recently, (i have had it for about 6 months) I had a spur on the bridge fixed; it was also free at Mars. From my experience there, I'd recommend Mars to any musician for their excellent service and quality.

I think the above statement said alot about this, but anyway the overall quality was good. You get what you pay for, so I am not surprised by a few glitches. As far as construction goes, the quilted top looks very deep and not at all like a spary on paint. The body and neck have a cream binding that looks great againt the dark red finish. All the hardware is black from tuners to stopbar and the pickups are open coiled. The neck it strait as you could ask for and the trapezoid inlays are perfect. A True Rock Guitar!!!

The rating for this quitar is not really fair the way i see it. For what you pay, you get the an extreme quality axe. But when problems come, don't be surprised. I know if i didn't have a place like Mars to get it fixed, the review would not be as good. All in all, if i had the money, i would be reviewing a Gibson right now, but Epiphone is far from sub standard. If this guitar is in you're price range check it out!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
blind Boy07/26/2014

blind Boy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I had a dream ..."

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Electric guitar Mahogany body, Maple top, bolt-on mahogany, rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, neck and bridge humbucker. Scale: 628mm, Width at nut: 42mm, chrome hardware, Colour: Cherryburst.


Good handle, well balanced, acceptable weight but with a wide strap. Good access to acute, we get the sound you seek without problems, that is if we know what are the knobs ...


It was my first guitar, so she agreed to all styles of music ...
the clean a little warm, bluesy, well hairy imitation Slash, unfortunately I only played on a 15W amp Park. I tried to approach the sound of the gun's or AC / DC at the time, there are already 20 years ...


I used it for 3 years every day, then enter working life that I touched no longer so only intermittently. I also did two years with stage and this is where its limits were found. I finally worked on a self-produced album with, or combined with the effects of 4-track recorder, I got something coherent ... in the words of the guy who completely mastering my tracks.
This guitar, I also loved for its aesthetics, and despite the overall quality of all a bit cheap, I spent hours with pure pleasure. I said low end in terms of what is installed on the imitated, THE Gibson Les Paul style! It is a beautiful gift we m'à is there all the same, and the same means, I will be also paid me a copy rather than the original.

fabc14's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good surprise"

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
- Type: solid body electric guitar
- Series: Les Paul Special Run
- Provenance: Asia
- Body: Mahogany
- Table: Carved Mahogany
- Neck: Mahogany, '50s Rounded profile '
- Rosewood
- Frets: 22 Medium Type
- Scale: 24.75 "
- Radius: 14 "
- Pickups: 2 Alnico Classic humbucker Epiphone More
- Controls: 1 volume by micro, 1 tone micro, / 3-position selector
- Bridge: Epiphone Tune-O-Matic
- Tailpiece: Epiphone Stopbar
- Tuners: Grover Modern oil bath
- Hardware: chrome
- Cosmetics:
- Color: Worn Cherry
- Verni: polyurethane satin
- Ref. : ENSWCCH4


The handle is nice to play with strings 10/46, I set the action low and I only have a few small boxes frizz, inaudible on my Laney LC15 or records. This does not impact the game or sound, I left the setting as this. The finish is successful, only the rosewood is a bit dull, but it must be arranged. After, bah it's seen and ratavu, access to acute rather lame, bridge and tailpiece classic.


The clean sounds are correct, but hey, if you want pure sound of madness, you buy a strat and then you stop tinkering.
The Les Paul is made for big sound and that's why we love him.
In My Laney LC15 she is doing very honestly I must say. I did not expect to find a sound like that. By the gain of the amp and the guitar volume way down (just), we timidly approach the myth and the ridiculous price of this used guitar, hat Epiphone.
The bridge pickup is the most successful, it enters all large distortion effects and keeping a good definition. on the other hand, it can not be said of the neck pickup. we quickly right with porridge when he asks too much.


I'm addicted to my stratocaster, but now, forced to confessed that Epiphone has something. I'll change the neck pickup to be sure, buy him a pickguard and buttons more to my liking, and then we will be faced with a very fine specimen that will give me that "vintage noiseless" my strat does not have namely a big sound very fat. The whole is coherent for a quality / hard to beat, at least on this model money, and yes I would do this choice.
Johnny R12/22/2013

Johnny R's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love it!"

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Made in China, like all Epiphone.
Bridge tune-o-matic
Channel 60's profile, rather like that of Gibson.
22 frets, 2 humbuckers, 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-position selector 1.


The neck is perfect for my taste, it was really good in hand ..... it can be tiring to start for beginners.
The interface is identical in all respects to the "real" and access to acute .... not the best in the world, but it is a Les Paul.
We easily get the sound you want, even if the microphones are improved.
Note that it has a weight, which can surprise me in the beginning .... it does not bother me, on the contrary, at least we feel we have something "clumsy" in the hands!


Are they suitable for your style of music? YES
The sounds are varied, everything goes on this guitar, but the rock, hard rock / are its chosen fields .... blues and jazz are not left out either ....
The sound is fat in OD or distortion, although "guts" ..... the cleans are not bad at all ....
The bridge pickup is my favorite, the handle a little less because it quickly becomes messy, especially with gain ..... ultimately microphones are average, but not to throw the dice the first few minutes! for the price it is very correct, if you take the time to adjust the guitar. It is true they are quite neutral, without a great personality, for they have against an output level enough balèze.
The sustain is extra, as the true .... probably due to its good body "massive" and heavy ...


I use it for a little over a year, and I'm not tired. For me it's still worth it sûre.Avant I had a Yamaha Pacifica and a Cort M200. Nothing to do .....
I honestly do not have specific criticisms of this guitar ..... the look and finish are beautiful, the sounds are quite decent at first, the violin is very good ..... the volume knobs work well and are not "ON / OFF", those tone a bit less, but it will.
The Grover tuners are excellent, it does not move one bit what happens.
The value for money is EXCELLENT: at present, it is less than 300 euros on some sites, and frankly, at this price, I do not see anything requiring more .... must well set at the start: curvature of the handle, action, intonation, pitch microphones, and it sounds!
Then, for less than 100 euros, you can mount GFS pickups (including the price / quality ratio is stunning) and there for not even 400 euros was a guitar that has not much to envy her big sister ..... the pickiest can possibly change the knobs and optimize a little wiring, and there it will be really perfect home perfect!
Several times I asked myself if I was not going to sell to try to find better, but in this price range, I have not found, for me it is THE quintessential Les Paul copy ..... logic, it is now "branded" official Gibson.

With experience, you do again this choice? EYES CLOSED!

Doherty's's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" toutoute first time!"

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
korea, samick factory, factory outlet in March 1996
bolt-on neck, mahogany, rosewood fingerboard 22
medium jumbo fret
back and eclipse mahogany maple
Original Sam-Sung microphones
tailpiece tune o matic
standard model studio sunburst but I've never found one that had a name like that.
coda bought in Paris and it does not look like a studio, and has slight difference with a standard, I email epiphone for more info


the neck is super thin slim as the Paul slim neck today, often in the 90's guy who tested my guitar made me praise my sleeve
it is a heavy Paul the accessibility is very good
sound pickups and pots condo block is not terrible, but the time has come to make a small change with gibson knobs 59, bubble bee capacitors and DiMarzio paf 36 th anniversary, I think not take risk to say it 'll waltz in the cottages!
brief the violin is of very good quality and 16 years of age sustain very good unplugged


these people it my Swiss Army knife in all styles accompanied by multi, effects caught up with her super versatile microphones, vintage daneletro on my nifty fifty, and goes all over my Marshall, it also had a fender stage185 sounded good and clean, well crystalline saturated the marshall heavy fat has its wish
After mod as mentioned I will complete article


I use these since November 96 my first electric guitar and for anything I divide them, she stayed in the closet a few years, for the favors of the other guitars and these I discovered it was Point the violin was good because I play a lot and believe me unplug it has nothing to envy to the model of American big brother standard model

tested and approved by several scratch! and myself once holder of the gibson epiphone the hawk my surpassed them on all points except the pickups and electronics