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Epiphone Solid Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Epiphone Goth G-400

    Epiphone Goth G-400 - "Looks great but the pickups are noisy"


    I'm always using TH2 program via computer. (and only for monitoring, I use an old East German amplifier, called 'Regent') old school sounds, I like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_BeyPcqzg4 pros Mine guitar was made in Korea, so beca…

  • Epiphone Korina Flying V 7-String

    Epiphone Korina Flying V 7-String - "This is it."


    One of the finest instruments to come out of asia. Once setup, this super rare 7 string korean V sets the standard among my US and FujiGen 7 string collection in overall playability. Once the p'ups were swapped, it bested many in tone. I wish my gibs…

  • Epiphone Les paul Studio Deluxe Edition Limited Korea

    Epiphone Les paul Studio Deluxe Edition Limited Korea - "Epiphone Les Paul Studio Deluxe Edition Limited Korea" has images


    Which amplifier and/or effect(s) do you use with this guitar? What playing and musical style(s) do you play with this guitar? What are your thoughts on the workmanship, electronics, and finish of this instrument? How is its intonation? Does its neck…

  • Epiphone Goth Les Paul Studio

    Epiphone Goth Les Paul Studio - "Simply a gem!"


    This is the first guitar I bought and even though I have a Fender Strat lying around nowadays, this is the one I use for every music style I play. It is more than worth the price and I won’t exaggerate if I say that this guitar can be placed against …

  • Epiphone Les Paul 100

    Epiphone Les Paul 100 - "Poor man's Gibson but still worth a look"


    The Epiphone Les Paul i bought from Guitar Guitar back in 2011 was made in Epiphone land - also known as China. It has the classic Les Paul setup with 2 volume and 2 tone pots (one for each channel) along with a 3 way pickup selector switch for the N…

  • Epiphone Les Paul Special II

    Epiphone Les Paul Special II - YuriW's review


    This epiphone was the second guitar in my life. I’ve sold my first one to buy this LP from my cousin, mainly because I was 16 years old and wanted to be Jimmy Page. Had it for some good 3 years before moving on to something better and don’t regret it…

  • Epiphone Les Paul 100

    Epiphone Les Paul 100 - "Looks like a LP, sounds like a LP, must be a LP!"


    This Epiphone LP was made in Japan. It has a bridge and neck pick-up. These picks can be selected using the Rhythm/Treble Selector. Individual volume controls can be used to control volume of the pick-ups separately. The same is true for the Tone …

  • Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer

    Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer - "Better than the Gibson?"


    The Epiphone Explorer is an homage to the rare original 100 Gibson Korina Explorers produced in 1958. Features a korina body, mahogany neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. The onboard electronics are made up of a pair of Alnico Classic humbuckers wired …

  • Epiphone Les Paul Special II

    Epiphone Les Paul Special II - "I'll take one for that price"


    Epiphone is one of those guitar companies that basically mimics what ever Gibson guitars put out. At the phone as a whole line of models and series guitars that basically near everything that the Gibson guitar stand for and sounds like. This is a Gib…

  • Epiphone Les Paul Junior (Humbucker)

    Epiphone Les Paul Junior (Humbucker) - "White is alright"


    Gibson has a load of different types of guitars and they also have a sub branch company called Epiphone which is basically the exact same guitars as Gibson Epiohone's have the exact same type of guitar and see you can get the same type of tone overal…