Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe ’60s Exclusive
Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe ’60s Exclusive

Les Paul Studio Deluxe ’60s Exclusive, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe ’60s Exclusive

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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salix tristis02/08/2013

salix tristis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Sublime guitar"

Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe ’60s Exclusive
Made in USA 2012
fixed bridge
slim type sleeve
Maple heated
22 frets
2 humbucker and 1 bursbucker pro 490
c sunburst finish varnish extra clean for gibson gibson c true because admittedly sometimes has the price finishes less clean than other guitar manufacturer or elsewhere in the world but the dream c gibson anything! My teacher Gibson has ben paid double fault there's more than mine so it is not the price that makes the quality of the details, but it is only after the details to say anything bad


Handle end
The weight is therefore consistent to be a comfortable standing provide a good big strap and straplocks for security because the weight that if she falls ca ben miss it but if it is that happiness is access to acute c practicable after work I spend a lag arkhane box 24 has 22 frets c but quite feasible to play in more acute it will just work.
grover mechanics are good good obliged to agree there is no point complaining about it
the high position that the bridge for rhythm genre antisocial perfect for c c handle it nice there's less tiring of respondents c c enjoyable


with splittable pickups and 4 tone settings volume was madness versatility all styles are possible, but the full mahogany body produces a huge resonance and low c sublime blues rock and the hard coupled with a distortion pedal on can even make the trash can c in any case in any case, the body releases a sacred harmony is playing with the settings that provides a huge range of sounds thus travailer his ear and settings sound perfect c The factory settings are perfect
I just oiled the key that was dry
The guitar just sounds so that when a rope tune a point that feeling immediately so the sound is just fine


So I put great because I had a very interesting price the price just for me 888 euros with the box instead of let's say c 1111 already more honest for a guitar and I do not regret it because there's d enormous possibilities with this guitar
it is already on the higher level even when AC is felt there is a symbiosis that installs and want to play the riff led zep rock n 'roll since I've been feeling or lonvin you finally got here I makes a good Christmas gift
at this price the value for money is good for a gibson and I would do this choice because I wanted at all costs is a gibson with this feature at this price I could not pass next to

Nicolasben's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe ’60s Exclusive
Made in USA
Mahogany body, maple top
Stop Bar Tailpiece
22 freights
Slim Taper neck glued
Rosewood (2012) except maple toasted
A Micro Burstbucker Pro splittable (Easel) color zebra
A 490 Micro R splittable (Channel) color zebra
2 volume knobs (they are the ones that are used to micro splitter)
2 tone knobs
A 3-position selector.


The handle of this is particularly, I like all Gibson sleeves, I find that adapts very quickly, it is very late for a round of Gibson.

Access to the treble is not different from other Les Paul Gibson takes some getting used (in other words it is not a highway for shredders).

I have plugged into that tube amps and is obtained directly and without special settings Gibson sound so special.

I bought it brand new and factory setting was perfect, I just changed the strings.


It is ideal for all styles of music, I personally use it for blues, blues rock, classic rock and some hard rock. Nothing to say it delivers the sounds we heard in the hard Southern rock (Lynyrd, Allaman Brothers, ZZ Top), the heavy blues of Led Zeppelin, but also more traditional blues.

I play on a tube amp Tubemeister 18 from H & K, and I do not play that on the clean channel which I add a Tubescreamer (as a rule and whatever amp I am using almost never channel saturated amplifiers ). But it's just a matter of preference, I tested it on the overdrive channel of a Marshall and it has done its office.

As for the split, it opens new possibilities sound very interesting, but I advise you not to split in the middle of a song, the difference is too sound and feel you have to make adjustments at the amp or your pedals. However in splittant was a true single coil sound without either the lens of a Fender.

The most interesting is to split the neck pickup and play in an intermediate position to have a very classic rock sound U.S..


I use it for almost 9 months and I am conquered, she has a really beautiful sunburst reminiscent of Duane Allman LP.

I preferred a studio "normal", because already the opportunity to have a microphone Burstbucker allows a little more aggressive in certain riff or solo. Similarly the vintage sunburst did not exist on studio "normal" when I bought it. Finally the mechanical splittage and grover are more significant. All for a difference of less than € 100 compared to a studio "normal".

I definitely do it again this choice

nicolas83's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A great guitar!"

Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe ’60s Exclusive
Channel 60 less rounded profile than conventional Studio (which has, in part, conditioned my choice).
Pickups 490R and Burstbucker (unexpected on a Studio).
Rosewood fingerboard (it's not great?).
Grover (impossible to find a studio).
See on the net all the other technical info ...


Channel super nice: I am a fan of the Start I am confused though.
Ergonomics: no worries, good grip: we feel we have a sacred skyscrapers hands anyway!
Access to acute no worries although some say it is complicated in the Les Paul, for me no lizard, after I'm not with Satriani ...


Great sound! A treat: I branch or on a Vox AC15 tube and the sound is very sharp .. Or I plugged into my Mesa Express 5.50 and there's more fat but there are many way to adjust the sound as I wish .. I will not say the sound on the Mesa! Anyway, I bought it for more versatility in my group because I had a Start I and some pieces were too light ..


Use since early May 2010 and I am amazed!
Very nice guitar! I was looking for a Les Paul in the price of the Studio, but without being convinced by the size of the studio because I did not handle as well as mechanical ... among others ...
With the Les Paul was a Studio with all the ingredients I wanted for a price a tad more expensive than the Studio: Grover, 1 micro Burstbucker handle, type 60 ..
Nothing to say is the best!