Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]
Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]

ART120 [2008-2011], LP-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the ART series.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 10 reviews )
 8 reviews80 %
 2 reviews20 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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Vincedezel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good guitar"

Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]
I use this guitar to a couplet Vox Lil 'Night Train and his cabinet, I play all kinds, but mostly metal, rhythm guitar.

Regarding the violin and finish, maple top, mahogany back, set neck, piping on edge contour is the strong point of this guitar and making do its main report / quality / price .dropoff window
I would not speak of electronics is not the original.
The guitar takes great agreement, and has a very valuable and enjoyable sustain, especially when playing without the vacuum amplifier. The mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard are also great, not too wide nor too rounded, freight gene does not play. I play with all styles, it collects all without flinching, even if we feel that the easel-type Tunematic is intended more for more sustain nécessitants genres such as blues, boogie etc.

The pros:

-Very Good finish
-Material Of the body and the handle
-Manche Glued
Nice -Fret not interfering with play
Overall -Robustesse instrument

The -:

-The Weight
-The Mechanics really kikoolol Tunematic
-Position Settings buttons, just be a little low? ...

bolinox's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" well"

Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]
everything has been said by my colleague before me, and I agree.
a beautiful rose button at the octave.


good finish.


incredible sustain. very high harmonics. probably due to active pickups.


I for 2 months and I have fun like crazy with. I had bought for resale (I make customs) but I might be keeping it.
purchased Cygnus 125 300 new but even one is a winner.
anyway I have never been disappointed with my Ibanez. I have since 1978!
vincent palmer03/05/2014

vincent palmer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" playability power definition"

Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]
This is a guitar made in China Type Lespaul: mahogany body, curved maple top, set neck rosewood fingerboard, bridge is Ibanez fittings of high quality. The fineness of the violin for nine took about 350 euros crushes the competition on this price range like Gibson as Epiphones.Les two microphones are active. Settings, volume, tone, switch placed next to the volume and tone which is very convenient. Housing two LR6 batteries that power the microphones is accessible via two screws. This detail, impractical, can be annoying if impromptu malfunctioning batteries.


The handle, as always with Ibanez is a feast of comfort that encourages speed and expressiveness.
Ergonomics is that of a Lespaul in lighter and much more comfortable.
Access to acute is easier than on a Lespaul.
The sound output is powerful and defined but not hot. It is far from alnicos and this is normal.


I play rock'n'roll but I love the saturation it was long I was trying to get me a guitar with active pickups to test my repertoire and my game over. So I use actually is quite shifted since my game is more hard rock blues or classic rock than metal. I plug the guitar directly to a Roland XL 40 is a great amp to pass. Sounds issued are consistent with those expected of active pickups, they excel by their precision saturation sin by their stiffness clear.


I use it for today. Before I had tried other active pickups to Ibanez RGA 32 and 42 that I recommend also because they are great guitars that play almost all alone. What I like about this guitar is the incredible comfort of the handle but it is a quality common to all Ibanez. The active pickups are very good that EMG less fleshy but in this price range do not dream no more! The level of the violin is such that it constitutes an excellent basis for all possible changes Pickup: EMG passive humbuckers or P100. You understood this guitar is offset my style but I really wanted to "feel" the active microphone! And the purchase price (90 euros) but even bought new (less than 350 euros) this guitar looks like the Judge Fred "is the ball." I highly recommend the metalheads but also to others who want to try the active experience as remarkable violin guitar brilliantly ensure an eventual return to passive pickups.

tatito123's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" hell"

Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]
Does everything has already said and explained well below


The handle is it pleasant?
- Yes handle very pleasant, neither too thin nor too thick. What good ibanez

Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?
- Trs good ergonomics, the guitar stings a little nose but nothing alarming in a few hours of play you do not notice more

CASC to acute (latest freight) is it easy?
- A little "hard", with a little training, one does not notice even more quelquonque difficulties.

Do you get a good sound easy? ...
"Yes, good clean sound and very good sound they suitable saturated


your style of music?
- Yes well, the ride riff rock with no trouble from beyond the grave

What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?
- A very warm sound, a guitar was the basis for the proper size metal from beyond the grave. I play top drop drop D and C see micro suportent much more than tuning. If you are looking for something to be a bold and well patteux go your way, its 2 active pickups sound of a sharp and a finnesse ... Diabolical

With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
- I played on a Vox VT100 and the sound is beautiful

What are the sounds you prfrez that hates you?
- I love everything about this guitar, the sound is EXCELLENT for the small rock to the riff from beyond the grave


For how long have you been using it?
- From 3 months

Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
- Especially among many ibanez, but this one has a magnificent, a violin of hell, very good mic, good electronics, handle very pleasant, a true highway and mechanics who keep the perfectly acordage

What is the specific feature you like best, the least?
- I love the inlay in the neck at 12th fret (it changes the ordinary "dot") is also the aesthetic outer (black and white stripe on a slight ridge in front), no complaints about this guitar up apart than black ..... has become dirty quickly

How do you report qualitprix?
-EXCELLENT reiterate that nothing good about this guitar, I doubt are better now in NEW for the same price, all brands
With exprience, you do again this election? ...
- Without hesitation and eyes closed. I enter the Ibanez guitar with this one (I have a yamaha electric and other one made of coins and other) and I confess that I think back then the ibanez
Good guitar for rsum for its price (barely 330 new and ocaz AC is around 200 ~ 250) Micro hell, good violin.

If you are looking for a scratch to the metal, but not too CHRE exelente, look no further than your credit card for you to scratch

jijisopretty's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]
Everything has already been said.

Value for money very good.


For my part, there is a problem that bothered me at first (less now), it is the varnish on the back of the neck, I had a hard time dragging it. I know this is not the same for everyone but I'm just saying:)

The space between the strings and the neck of origin is very broad, but it's fairly convenient to begin, it makes your fingers. Method Wild.

I use this guitar primarily in Drop D and Drop C. rarely So for me, I think the space strings / neck is original nickel.

For Drop D, nothing to report, it connects very easily riff metalheads.
To Drop C, I am less convinced. The tuning is coarser, it is much less. Nothing catastrophic, but it works it's not perfect.


Well, there you attack an important point.

Clean sound, this guitar is very anecdotal: Neck pickup without interest or almost central position unnecessary bridge pickup correct ...
It's not his department.

However, distortion turn hairy and there you will see this guitar to life. For 300 and wheelbarrows of € uros is quite impressive.

The sound texture distortions metal on the bridge pickup is thick and cold. Ca boise substain is good and frankly good. Even now it surprises me regularly.

However, beware of parasites that were quick to arrive, especially in Drop C


I use this guitar now for just over 2 years.

At the time when you buy, I had not tried other models. I had trusted seller ... who had made his taf and had respected what I was looking for: A guitar for the metal work, but the metal nearest groups Germanic / Scandinavian and American.

For the Rammstein, this guitar lacks precision. For the Bullet for my Valentine, this guitar lacks flexibility. For Metallica, this guitar lack of aggressiveness. For the Flames, it lacks depth.

At this rate, do not expect caviar ... but frankly, in terms of sound, after 2 years, a new guitar (RG 1570) and the habit of using LTD / ESP, I must say that Ibanez ART has what it takes where it's needed.

You like the riff that task, the disto substain abused, how you always look beyond the number "10" on your knob Gain, your budget is tight, you start? This guitar is cut out for you and follow you for at least 4 years.
(In a configuration group play, she defends herself quite well in fact!)

aloys69's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great value"

Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]
Already summarized previously
Excellent value for money


A handle Ibanez classic but extremely effective.
Access to acute reasonable for a LP.
A weight not too heavy nor too light.
Setting initial strings too high, you're more comfortable in game once in the neck.
Key comfortable, nice look, good performance agreement.
A nut in plastoc a little cheap, normal for the price, I changed to a graphite.


The pickups are the black point of this guitar for me.
Clean in a bit limited, and disto a bit too loud for the panthera niquel for metallica The controls are not tip top.
I will shortly pass a jb and jazz seymour model (a friend of mi di Marzio niquel makes AC), the violin and the wood seemed to me after 2 years I think she always impeccable worthwhile.
Otherwise very good sustain and you feel that the timber is for something, that's what amazes me on a guitar of this price.


I have now for 2 years, I had chosen for his looks, I keep it for everything else.
Using the reach of all, a handle ibanez easy. A great look and a violin for me at the end ltd 500 or even 100.
A great piece of wood that once micro changed, is a very good guitar, hoping it goes as far as possible

whitesectorz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]
- Ibanez made in china
- 22 frets
- Fixed bridge with tailpiece + rope ADDARIO United States
- A 3-position selector buttons + 3 2 Tone 1 Volume
- Channel and Mahogany Body Coll

neck type ART Mahogany set-in neck
body Maple top / Mahogany body
Medium cargo freight
Gibraltar III bridge bridge
Tailpiece Quik Change III Tailpiece
neck could LZ1-N (H) neck could
bridge could LZ1-B (H) bridge could
Neck Dimension

Scale 628mm/24.75 "
a: Width at Nut 43mm
b: Width at Last Fret 58.5mm
c: Thickness at 1st 20mm
d: Thickness at 12th 22.5mm
Radius 305mmR


Channel trs enjoyable, though slipping, large, rounded end.
Access in acute demand when the same be agile, but there comes well with training.
I think the guitar is a bit heavy, but you get used to rev faster, trs is comfortable, especially thanks to its form, it is a form LesPaul we like it or not!


This guitar is perfectly suited to my style of music: Heavy mtal / Mtal

I play on a Marshall Valvestate with G2 and Zommer j'obtients of good clean, good lens, good for crunch, and a good big distortion ideally suited to heavy and metal.

I prfre is the distortion, it is his area of ​​prdilection, I have tried other types of hard guitars, ltd jackson and style in the same range, and the ibanez has nothing to envy them for the price. The sound is just standard.


I use it for one month now! It's not my Premire guitar and is one of the guitars that I like most.

I love the style of the guitar and the sound standard.

I tried Jackson of ltd, the lag in the same range and fills my ibanez.

The report quality price trs trs good because the price was a good guitar trs, trs is beautiful with a great sound.

With the experience I would do this choice a million times lol, it's a guitar that my sduit!

Hypno74's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]
The features have already been mentioned at the bottom


WARNING I just received this guitar and what follows are my first impressions.
In use the handle slips out without more, easy to play. Access to acute not bad, reasonable weight I expected heavier.
I find the strings too high, I'll probably try to drop a bit (not too frieze that already a little hard on low E)
Given the price / quality ratio it is worth 8
Small flat on the varnish, I have the version and BK Aie Aie Aie rayures.Rien the deep is hard but good out of the box after half an hour of play alone, it's already become a guitar OCCAZ.
Its level is not bad: No wind load, a very good sustain.
The neck pickup is very serious, the light goes well.
The bridge pickup farts big distal well (note I am afraid it is a bit nazillard anyway). At the same time I have not had time to make many adjustments to be confirmed
What is interresting with this guitar, except for a good violin, these are active pickups. Certainly they have nothing but their silence is exceptional will enjoy during breaks. More when the budget allows I would not mind a little zakk wilde kit to replace them. The battery compartment which houses the two AA's perfect for accepting a 9V battery
Guitar scalable.


I think she is perfect for my style (my style) of music.
What I like: metal, but in fact I try to play a little tout.A use I would see the limitations of the beast
I play a Peavey Bandit 112 and a multi purpose Behringer VAMP2 and I am in constant search of "good" sound. For now I am not satisfied I expect this guitar to help me


I am what you might call a newbie with only one year of practice.
I started with the pack Behringer El Toro: guitar amp, but lay not so rotten as it sounds. Obviously it's crate, it goes out of tune but the neck is not bad for being the hand.
I tried Vig LS eruption style with EMG passive. Not bad but I was afraid of the brand is why I find the equivalent in Ibanez.
The price / quality ratio is unbeatable for me, For € 300 you can hardly expect better.
Moreover, I find the rating OCCAZ audiozanfine ridiculous!
Will explain
Too early to tell whether this choice I would do but it looks set

mattdll's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]
Guitar made in China, mahogany body with a maple table painted mahogany neck glued down and is home to 22 frets Rosewood medium. The hardware consists of a block-rope bridge and a specific Ibanez, both are pretty solid and inspires confidence. The mechanical oil bath and keep the agreement correctly, the guitar is not equipped with a vibrato.
In terms of electronics, there are two active humbuckers Ibanez LoZ walking 3V driven two volumes and a tone and a 3-way switch.

That's the bottom line of the features of this guitar, when it comes to my mind, I find the violin really great for the money: a set neck with a good shape, a fairly substantial body mahogany, flawless frets ( does not exceed one and a production "low cost" it should be noted), active electronics, a bridge that does not attack the palm when playing (this is rounded) and lifts that hold the road. An excellent progressive.
Come on, I do have some spots to reveal: the knobs are really ugly and I have a couple of small chips of varnish on the neck binding.

I put 9 for small paint chips, it's a shame on a new guitar.


Once on the shoulder or knee, one quickly realizes the weight of the beast, mahogany is dense! The grip is good, nice handle without a "highway" as the guns Wizard II of the brand, it slides very well with the bilayer paint / varnish. Access to acute is really not great (as easy as on a Les Paul ^ ^) but through training, you become agile.

The game promises a vacuum excellent sustain and tone a certain warmth inherent in mahogany.

The game is very nice stand apart from the weight that can interfere with some suffering from chronic back pain or shoulder.

I put 8 for weight and access "limited" to the treble (the model 520 has a chamfer which greatly facilitates the task).


I play mostly Rock / metal (my influences are mainly Trivium, Metallica, Bullet For My Valentine, Children Of Bodom) and I have a Peavey XXL head with a 4x12 cabinet "Yamaha mounted Celestion Vintage 30. No effect plug'n'play!

I relied heavily on the active electronics to send me a lot of potatoes and the violin to enrich the sound, especially on the set neck and mahogany. I got a good sound quickly, my amp is already more or less settled. In the end, that's what I feel:
Clair: the sound is clean, warm but beware of crunches if you attack too much. However, the bridge pickup is a little too "nasal" while sending the neck pickup too low and does not show enough roundness and personality.
Disto-: it's more a playground, the neck pickup is dynamic and powerful but we feel a lack in some frequencies and it is small "CSWS" when playing in Drop-D (neither a curling rope or a fret of it on another part of the guitar). The neck pickup is pretty nice solo but it lacks the round again.

So I made a change of microphones to push this guitar to its full capacity. I put Seymour Duncan Blackouts and there, it changes your life, more problems "CSWS", a wealth of bridge pickup with a huge potato plain as distortion, the neck pickup is still missing a bit of roundness my taste but the gap is almost closed from the mount before.

Originally, I did not put more than 7 because the microphone is really limiting the potential of the violin TO USE THAT I MADE, which means that for a game a little quieter it is extremely efficient.
For my installation with Blackouts, 9 or 10 I will.


That month and a half I have three weeks and I changed the pickups, I'm really happy for about € 500 I have a guitar equivalent or better than a LTD EC-500 (I say more in the sense that I really like the blackouts and the EC-500 is mounted EMG I find a little less rich). So as a customized home, it was an excellent price / quality ratio with a sleek look and class (I have white with black binding).
Remember: a violin really good for this price (I just put a small reserve on the quality of the table that is not directly visible as painted), active electronics that allows to change (no need to get high for a accommodate the battery if it goes on EMG, etc.) and that proves fun to use.

I put 9 for the overall because I'm really happy now that has changed the pickups, only small fragments mentioned above and the pickups are a little behind but they and the base of the guitar allow good progress .

virusugly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]
- Ibanez made in china
- 22 frets
- Fixed bridge with tailpiece + rope ADDARIO United States
- A 3-position selector buttons + 3 2 Tone 1 Volume
- Channel and Mahogany Body Coll

Mahogany neck TypeArt set-in neck
body Maple top / Mahogany body
Medium cargo freight
Gibraltar III bridge bridge
Change III Tailpiece tailpieceQuik
neck could LZ1-N (H) neck could
puLZ1 bridge-B (H) bridge could
Neck Dimension

Scale628mm/24.75 "
a: Width at Nut43mm
b: Width at Last Fret58.5mm
c: Thickness at 1st20mm
d: Thickness at 12th22.5mm

Switching System



- Channel trs enjoyable broad and rounded end Legrant compare my Storm LP AllBlack
- Access in very easy and more acute the body is a fine uncomparable see this image
fits perfectly on the body there is a dcoupe the rear with a cache for the active micro batteries
But it is a bit heavy but makes up for all the rest




but be careful trs
because every wrong move or wrong note is amplifibr />
I'm a Fan of US rapper eminem
APRS who have partnered with Marilyn Manson I wanted to do such
I form the skirt of SlipKnot
because I'm a fan of Resident Evil they did the soundtrack
APRS and more research to explore the various musical groups Mtal trs are rich in harmonics of severe acute

now I search for funky jazz fusion CARJ account for all its my Chanon
So scratch this is the ultimate weapon
I play in a small Ibanez amp because I have not much money
and no apartment voilbr me /> with parents must take cover at all times


I use it since April 30, 2008
I am delighted to the point of making my neighbors jealous
because I'm doing a lot
because I have only 1 year and 1 month of exprience
but my time listen, look, explore, laborer,
I feel like I challenge myself
is 14 years of age or I have started the Rap and the day came with the mtal
parfoi I even forget the fear of Rap
I play with this scratch all that tells me is brain
So I go out parfoi stuff has returned on a corpse in his grave with jealousy

So I like the look the sound ergonomics
the surprise of the active pickups ibanez I do not even know

report quality price is 10 times I pay 320 Euro or 4 times the 80 month
I do it again the choice is clear-cut