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Ibanez LP-Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • Ibanez ART320

    Ibanez ART320 - "Holy Cow!!"


    The Ibanez ART320 series is basically an alternative to a Gibson Les Paul guitar. Ibanez is really known for their tube screamer overdrive/distortion pedals and they're also known for their inexpensive budget friendly shredding guitars which take on …

  • Ibanez ART100

    Ibanez ART100 - "Ibanez ART100"


    The latest model from the Artist series, the ART100 was recently awarded one of the best bang for your buck single cuts. It gives you a nice Les Paul sound with a little more playability. I demo'd this for about an hour at my local music shop throu…

  • Ibanez ART100

    Ibanez ART100 - "Ibanez's take on a LP"


    Ibanez has long tried to tap into the Les Paul style market, and they've had varying success. Some of the really old pre-lawsuit Ibanez guitars are killer, but after that, they never quite captured the essence of what a Les Paul really is. This gui…

  • Ibanez PF300

    Ibanez PF300 - "Excellent and affordable take on the Les Paul"


    - Made in Japan - Separate volume and tone controls for each pickup - 3 way pickup selector - Additional 3 way selector (seems to cut treble) - Vintage Super 70s humbuckers (2) - Star tuners - 3 piece body - Set neck - Post la…

  • Ibanez PF200

    Ibanez PF200 - "Ibanez PF200"


    I paid $340 Canadian for this guitar. At Beats and Bytes in Saint John, NB. Canada. It has a nice quick ( low ) action, which is good for me as an obsolute beginner. The sound is actually very good, when using medium strings. It gets a bit "plinky…

Translated user reviews
  • Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]

    Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011] - " Very good guitar"


    I use this guitar to a couplet Vox Lil 'Night Train and his cabinet, I play all kinds, but mostly metal, rhythm guitar. Regarding the violin and finish, maple top, mahogany back, set neck, piping on edge contour is the strong point of this guitar …

  • Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]

    Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011] - " well"


    everything has been said by my colleague before me, and I agree. a beautiful rose button at the octave. UTILIZATION good finish. SOUNDS incredible sustain. very high harmonics. probably due to active pickups. OVERALL OPINION I for 2 mon…

  • Ibanez GART60

    Ibanez GART60 - " which handle end ...!"


    China easel Ibanez "light" (this is an important piece to sustain ...!) handle extra pr small hands: it reminds strat 'C' in 24'75! ; 22 frets; 2 volume and 1 tone; Artec pickups are zero! ... Last one mini-humbucker in neck Wilkinson +1 dual-rail si…

  • Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]

    Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011] - " playability power definition"


    This is a guitar made in China Type Lespaul: mahogany body, curved maple top, set neck rosewood fingerboard, bridge is Ibanez fittings of high quality. The fineness of the violin for nine took about 350 euros crushes the competition on this price ran…

  • Ibanez ARZ800

    Ibanez ARZ800 - " I do not separate!"


    Active pickups - Batteries to change very rarely. Three mic positions (also adjustable in the luthier to customize the sound) The "BASS" position is just what I expected ... Ultra sound heavy, round and accurate. Thank you! Other positions are le…