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  • Schecter Demon-7

    Schecter Demon-7 - "Weight"


    i love shecter since the very begining now i am too curios of the official weight, ,and i found this page that could really help me for sure ,if i will buy this product ill go for a whie or a balsck satin Guys could you help me regarding shecter …

  • Gibson Les Paul Custom Axcess Stopbar

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Axcess Stopbar - "EXCELLENCE" has images


    I just got a 2019 GIBSON Les Paul CUSTOM Black-Beauty, it is the Guitar of a Life-Time for a Guy like me.....and I must say waiting the 38 yrs to replace the one I had in 1978, that got stolen, was worth the wait. Overall this Guitar is just flat-…

  • S71 Guitars S71 Custom Shop Guitars

    S71 Guitars S71 Custom Shop Guitars - "Masterbuild at fair Price "


    S71 Masterbuilt CS Heavy Relic1959 Strat with Collins 59 SSS PUs. This Guitar is a keeper. Stevie prepared and shipped the instrument quickly. It was setup nicely and right away ready to play. First, the craftmenship is stunning. The aging job ha…

  • Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-1 FR

    Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-1 FR - "A lot of guitar for the money (version with Sustainer)"


    Features This guitar offers a lot of features for the money, coming in around $1600 Canadian (about $1150 USD). The Schecter C-1 FR S in this review is the Ultra Violet model (also available in Black Burst), made in South Korea and has a 25.5-inch (…

  • Eko Camaro Reissue

    Eko Camaro Reissue - "Awesome Guitar! One of my favorites and I have 11"


    I was originally drawn to this guitar in a local shop in DFW. I saw another guitar in its general area and picked it up and it felt like it was 10 pounds. Then I saw this one and picked it up. I was shocked at how insanely small and light it was! I w…

  • Hufschmid Guitars Tantalum

    Hufschmid Guitars Tantalum - "Hufschmid Tantalum (Blue Burst) 6 string Guitar Review" has images


    I first noticed Patrick’s work on the Internet around 5 years ago. I was instantly intrigued by the pics he made, how every single one was hand made by him and their unique, purpose built design, with carefully chosen materials. After using his pi…

  • Music Man Axis

    Music Man Axis - "Incredibly well built guitar" has images


    I bought this honey burst quilt top on CL for $1650.00 CAD (approx $1240.00 USD). It was used, but basically unplayed. Incredible value imo. My favourite guitar of my three Ibanez as well as Custom Shop Gibsons, Fender Strat Plus as well as nearly a …

  • S71 Guitars S71 Custom Shop Guitars

    S71 Guitars S71 Custom Shop Guitars - "J'en possède "trois", des PURES MERVEILLES"


    J'avais commandé trois différentes S71 Custom Shop en l'espace de quelques mois, deux du type Relic et une qui est un tribute à Andy Timmons avec un fini Sunburst. Mon Andy Timmons est TOTAL PERFECT :-))) Fabrication, assemblage, réglage, manche, fr…

  • Ibanez AR300 Reissue

    Ibanez AR300 Reissue - "IBANEZ AR 300 COREA (CORT)" has images


    SCHEDA TECNICA IBANEZ AR300 - BS (Brown Sumburst) - Made in COREA costruita in CORT S/N: XXXXXXX P/N: 2244-0504-026-3-01-5/IBANEZ M0103 / AR300-BS (prodotta 04/ 2005) Corpo (body): un unico pezzo di mogano. Tavola armonica (top): in 2 pezzi d…

  • Gibson Nighthawk Studio

    Gibson Nighthawk Studio - "Nighthawk is very versatile and Easy to play"


    I just bought this second hand from a seller on Facebook Marketplace. The first thing that struck me positively was the weight of this guitar. Way lighter than a Les Paul. The neck has a 60’s profile which makes playing this instrument a breeze. I wa…