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Hufschmid Guitars Tantalum
Hufschmid Guitars Tantalum
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« Drop of purple and a ton of craftsmanship »

Published on 12/10/22 at 12:41
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Advanced Users
I'm in no way a professional player but I do have a few guitars and each one of them fits it's own purpose; play live; record; plain and pure nostalgia (my very first...).

I have been fortunate enough to play custom guitars before (owned by friends of mine) so I came to a stage where I wanted to go to "the next level".

I have probably been following Patrick Hufschmid for at least 4 years now, watching the builds, listening to the demo videos and always thinking that one day it would be my turn to reach out and own my own.

Fast forward and here I am writing a (late) review.

I have the guitar with me since August now, and any time I find to play that's the guitar I pick up.

The fingerboard is absolutely amazing, like i mentioned i have played other custom guitars but nothing actually comes to this level.

I'm a huge paradise lost fan so yes, I need sustain, and the pickups definitely deliver, I definitely prefer these over any other active pickups on the market.

The craftmanship? What can I say? There is so much detail to the guitar it's absolutely awesome.

The tuners have just the right pace to them, any guitar needs a bit of tuning once in a while and this one is so easy to get right it's amazing.

Regarding the specs:
▪ ONE PIECE premium perfectly quartersawn 'Sipo Mahogany' body + neck!
▪ A gorgeous 'Flame Maple' top with a 'Purple Burst' finish and 'natural binding' detail!
▪ A premium 'Crelicam Ebony' fingerboard, 24 frets, 25.5'' scale, 12" radius.
▪ The world's first 'purple day/blue night glow' fingerboard block inlays! ©Registration number: XwoEdy5GCU9qeZtW
▪The world's first polyetheretherketone (PEEK) nuts! ©keAWmx03u4BBqcA2
▪Cryogenically treated frets!
▪Hipshot hardware.
▪Solid brass mounting rings for perfect adjustability and stability!
▪High tolerance CTS pots.
▪A rare NOS Russian 'FT-2' 0.022uF TEFLON capacitor - ©concept.
▪Exclusive Hufschmid 'made to measure' resin cast humbuckers!
▪The logo inlay design in the back is an actual coin featuring a gorgeous antique nickel finish.
▪Aluminium shielding.
▪30 coats of hand applied oil based varnish.

I am definitely one very very happy client who now owns an absolutely amazing hand crafted instrument.

It's one of a kind and all credit goes to Mr Patrick Hufschmid.

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