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Hufschmid Guitars Tantalum
Hufschmid Guitars Tantalum
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Matt Tera Matt Tera

« Hufschmid Tantalum 7 String »

Published on 04/12/22 at 03:20
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Advanced Users
I received my new Hufschmid Tantalum 7 string last week and after having a week to run it through different high gain/clean tones I can confidently say this guitar is like a Swiss army knife, it can handle everything! The workmanship and attention to detail that has gone into every part of this guitar makes it sound and look incredible, it's also what puts Patrick's work in a league of his own.

Specs are as follows

▪One Piece premium perfectly quartersawn 'Sipo Mahogany' body + neck
▪Highly figured 'Quilt Maple' top with 'Blue Organic Burst' finish and 'natural binding' detail
▪A premium 'West African Ebony' fingerboard, 24 frets, 666mm (26.3''), 12" radius.
▪The world's first blue day/blue glowing fingerboard blocks ©m9arHCOIWsMepqfl
▪The world's first Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) nut! ©0KgG6VKQUUmMzE3B
▪Hipshot hardware.
▪Hufschmid designed resin cast mounting rings for perfect adjustability and stability
▪High tolerance CTS pots.
▪A rare NOS Russian 'FT-2' 0.022uF TEFLON capacitor - ©concept.
▪Exclusive Hufschmid 'made to measure' resin cast humbuckers
▪The logo inlay design in the back is an actual coin featuring a gorgeous antique nickel finish
▪Aluminium shielding
▪25 coats of hand applied oil based varnish

So how does it feel/play? It's my heaviest guitar I own but not uncomfortable whatsoever, it feels like a real solid premium instrument. Being that it's a one piece body/neck it resonates and sustains like nothing else, also the PEEK nut helps immensely with the vibration/resonance, a world premiere in the guitar world.

The neck feels perfect and for a 7 string it's not too thick, the double cutaway also gives you easy access to the 24th fret. Patrick requested a photo of my hand so he could carve the neck to suit and I was surprised how perfectly it fits, amazing! The pickups are are pure magic they are a triple blade HB set in a resin cast, perfect for high gain aggression but also beautiful cleans ( I've attached some audio files so you can hear them in action ) and again the sustain just helps them sing.

One of the aesthetically pleasing features is the blue block inlays that glow in the dark, a super cool feature that hasn't been done in the guitar world before, also the blue stain on the quilt maple top blows me away every time i look at it, absolutely sick. The wiring work is exceptionally clean and again aesthetically pleasing to look at, even includes a radioactive capacitor!

The frets are perfectly levelled and it was set up to perfection upon arrival, even in tune coming all the way from Switzerland to Ireland! Patrick sent progress photos/video updates every time he worked on the guitar so it was a extremely personal experience, getting to see your guitar transform from a few pieces of wood to a 100% handcrafted instrument was one of the best parts, something you wont get from other companies.

Overall it was an amazing experience, Patrick's passion and attention to detail really shines through in his work. When you order a guitar you're getting the highest quality materials, a custom one of a kind instrument from a builder with over 25 years in the industry. That's the easiest decision you have to make right there!

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Audio examples

clean tone
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  • guitar in mix00:26
  • rhythm tone00:21
  • solo tone00:57