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Solid Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Greco SE600

    Greco SE600 - "A great 40-year-old Strat" has images


    A Japan-made guitar from 1976, before the Super Real era. This is the series which awoke Fender’s wrath, ultimately leading to the brand being bought up by the US manufacturer. SE600 Super Sound model. The guy i got it from sold it as an SE800 …

  • Gibson LPJ

    Gibson LPJ - "Gibson’s sound and legend are not so expensive. However..."


    Hi all! Let me share my opinion on this Gibson which i’ve now been a lucky owner for a little over a month. The overall presentation of the guitar can be found almost anywhere else, so I’ll concentrate on what its pros and cons are, at least acco…

  • Ibanez RG721FM

    Ibanez RG721FM - "Beautiful, pleasant to play and versatile"


    First, I’ll mention that I’m not a professional guitarist, so please take this review as that of an average player. I’ve used this guitar in my home studio for composing and demoing (direct in, with no amp). I bought it for that purpose as it had …

  • Gibson Les Paul Reissue '57

    Gibson Les Paul Reissue '57 - "An outstanding instrument" has images


    Certainly, the easiest way to go is just answering the AF-suggested questions: Which amplifier and/or effect(s) do you use with this guitar? What playing and musical style(s) do you play with this guitar? : I’ve played it on a Fender Blues Junio…

  • Fender Lead III

    Fender Lead III - "My First Guitar" has images


    First guitar, bought from my uncle. Used through an Epiphone tube amp, Peavey Bandit 112, on to later play it through a Line 6 Flextone head with a Mesa Cab. I played mostly blues and rock, and some jazz in college with it. Awesome workmanship Fender…

  • Strandberg Masvidalien Cosmo

    Strandberg Masvidalien Cosmo - "New 2018 Signature Guitar by Strandberg" has images

    01/25/18 FEATURES The Masvidalien Cosmo has the well-known Boden shape, unique with different features in sound/tone shaping. There’s a reason why I’m very fond of the Strandberg guitars, and it can be explaine…

  • Yamaha Revstar RS320

    Yamaha Revstar RS320 - "A Yamaha-style, doublecut Les Paul!"


    For a specs list you’ll be better served on any online dealer’s website, but in a nutshell it features a nato body and set neck (nato being some sort of mahogany), with a rosewood fretboard that features a rather flat radius (approx. 13), making it p…

  • Fender American Vintage '59 Stratocaster

    Fender American Vintage '59 Stratocaster - "A precise-sounding, beautiful and nice Stratocaster" has images


    I use this guitar with several amps : a Rivera R55-112 Fifty-five Twelve, a 1990s Laney LC50, and a Carvin Bel Air 212 (three great amps in my opinion). I occasionally play on a Peavey Classic 50. I mostly use the guitar to play blues, rock up to har…

  • Hufschmid Guitars Helldunkel

    Hufschmid Guitars Helldunkel - "Hufschmid Helldunkel with Exclusive Glowbuckers" has images


    I have owned this guitar for about 3 months now. The builder Patrick Hufschmid is nothing short of a perfectionist when it comes to build quality and the final details that make a guitar a cut above the rest. Starting with the shape, Hufschmid ha…

  • Yamaha SE211

    Yamaha SE211 - "1986 Yamaha SE211 Electric Guitar Red"


    This is an incredibly simple, yet well-built guitar. Despite the simplicity of the design, it has a very sturdy, lightweight design. This particular guitar fell face first off the guitar stand and sustained zero (0) damage (much to my relief). The pi…