Cort AERO-11
Cort AERO-11

AERO-11, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the Aero series.

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jeauxbleaux 12/12/2020

Cort AERO-11 : jeauxbleaux's user review

« Don't let the good looks fool you - this is a nearly perfect rock and roll guitar »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I've been a semi-professional guitarist for over thirty years, playing a multitude of styles. I have the gray model. I acquired it in 2012. The distinctive cosmetics caught my eye, but I was skeptical of the low price. I started playing it and immediately fell in love. It has everything I need - three pickups, HSH configuration with a coil tap, great workmanship, light weight, wide radius fingerboard and more. Playing this guitar is effortless for me. It compares favorably with an American made Stratocaster in the US $1500 - $2000 range. I immediately replaced the knobs with slightly larger Gibson speed knobs - my personal preference - and just recently replaced the worn Graph-Tek nut with a professionally installed brass nut, but otherwise it's the same as it was when i bought it. This is my primary guitar. I often bring only this guitar to gigs.

I play in several bands, performing everything from pop to heavy metal. I play with .010" strings, with and without a pick, very low action and a very low and tight vibrato bar (4 springs). I have several amps, but my 1965 Super Reverb is my go-to. My pedal board has all the usual - compression, delay, distortion, chorus, etc. - but I primarily depend on the guitar for the multitude of sounds I need.

The Gotoh/Wilkinson vibrato is light, fast and dependable. I use the (floating) vibrato bar - A LOT - and this guitar stays in tune.

PROS: Flawless cosmetics, light weight, great balance and comfort, excellent design and workmanship, especially for the price.

CONS: The black chrome finish on the Gotoh/Wilkinson vibrato has tarnished significantly over the years.

I'm perplexed that apparently this guitar is out of production, but I will likely buy another if available. Highly recommended.