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Fender Hot Rodded American Big Apple Stratocaster
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Guitar74 Guitar74

« Best Strat I Have Ever Owned »

Publié le 04/02/21 à 08:42
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Advanced Users
So before I start on my review of the Big Apple Strat, I would like to make a correction: These guitars are predecessor to the Double Fat Strat, not a hot rodded version.

I have been able to use the guitar for every variety band gig I have been hired for thanks to both the switching and terrific pickups. So what do you get? Well, for starters, you get the Seymour Duncan '59 in the neck and the Pearly Gates Plus in the Bridge. You also get an amazing amount of versatility thanks to the 5 way Super switch. You get the Bridge full on, bridge split, the inner two coils of both, neck split, and neck full on. What's nice is that even though the PG+ is more of a slightly overwound vintage wind, it can cover a LOT of ground. It sounds mean enough distorted to cover pretty much ANY kind of hard rock or metal, but can also do clean well, splits nice, and can go bluesy or even country. The '59 is just buttery smooth. It almost has a single coil neck type of vibe when you play with it full on distorted. It's sort of a mix between a single coil and humbucker sound. Its split sound is terrific. What I love on this guitar is the middle position for nailing a Trower Bridge of Sighs tone. Through in some chorus of vibrato in this position with a nice distorted tone and you are in the ballpark as in home plate, without the hum.

Keep in mind that everything you love about a Strat is there as far as versatility. But.....Everything you DON'T like about a Strat are also there. For one, I finally got so fed up with the terrible tuning stability of this guitar that it got the Beck treatment. Yes, that's right. Only, and I repeat, ONLY after installing a roller nut and locking tuners, was I able to play for more than five minutes without it going out of tune. After installing both, it is pretty much on par with anything that has a double locking system. At the price point this guitar was sold at, I don't understand why Fender didn't just go ahead and equip this guitar from the factory with both. I am NOT a heavy trem user, so this guitar going out of tune from doing bends, double stop bends, and vibrato with my hand is just unacceptable at this price point. And that is the area where Fender seems to refuse to step into the modern age: making a guitar that will stay in tune without some additional work and funds spent to get it to do so.

With PSA out of the way, I would say that if you find one, buy it. Give it a little love in the form of an LSR nut and locking tuners. You will have an axe that is easy to play, sounds great, and will pretty much become your desert island guitar.

It really IS that good of an instrument.
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