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Fender Hot Rodded American Big Apple Stratocaster
Fender Hot Rodded American Big Apple Stratocaster
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jerem's jerem's

«  Quality and diverse sounds »

Publié le 04/16/11 à 00:31
Good for over 10 years that I have (this was my first electric !!!), I can still put him notice!

Fender Stratocaster U.S. Big Apple, they are so many U.S.. Limited series produced between 1997 and 2001 I believe.

There are 2 versions of the guitar body, alder (american standard alder body) and even higher quality of ash (ash american deluxe body), and 2 versions easel or vibrato or hard tail, arm 22cases with maple or maple fingerboard rosewood.
The mine has an ash body (heavier than alder), rosewood fingerboard, tremolo, painting sunset orange transparent (translucent orange-red leaves appear beautiful wood grain), polyurethane varnish (thicker than the nitro Gibson but less fragile).

The handle, screwed as always with Fender soft C is a profile I think, very comfortable (very fine satin varnish), the key has a radius of 10.5 ", it is narrower than a Gibson button. The frets are mediums jumbo. The mechanical fender are normal. Changed since for blocking (spertzel I think) because at the time when I was mumuse with vibrato, it was misery holding chords!!

Electronic level, a master volume, 2 tone (one for mic), a 5-way switching. In short, until now, nothing special, classic Fender no-frills, no mid boost and company!
The interest of the craft is its most unusual config pickups for Fender:
2 humbuckers, Seymour Duncan and please!
A 59 'in neck and a Pearly Gates Plus bridge (expensive microphones to Billy Gibbons, apparently slightly transformed for the occasion on request Fender, hence the "plus"). So good value.

So I put 9 for all this is at the top of the top, I just loved Me a radius of 12 "most flat, mechanical and taking better deal for nags vibrato (although since the mine is glued to the body to gain a bit of sustain, since I'm using it more).


The handle, as stated above, is very comfortable in the hand. You just get used to the Fender style with button and not very wide radius of 10.5 "(not as bad as 9 already!). Fans will appreciate the need to get used Gibsonniens!.

The form, I speak is known among experienced, cutting the stomach is very nice for comfort.
Access to the treble is very good, but it is not a SG instead!

Weight level, I can say that the version ash is heavier than the normal strats, but this is still less than a big Les Paul. In short, it is playable qq hour without sciatica or lumbago for me!

For sounds, see below. The ash provides accurate and slamming one side, nervous in the attacks but well frank without being cold. In short it is reactive. For cons, the sustain is present but limited (I have not said there is no huh, already !!!), attention because it is not mahogany, plus the handle is screwed. Should not hope to sustain LP, SG or PRS, but hey it does on the Fender in general (at least those I've tried). Vibato pasting the body or with a hard tail version, it will be further improved (a little).
I put 8 / 10 (always the same: key rounded and rather thin, even if it is normal for Fender, and sustain without more)


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